iPhone’s Fat Shoes

This is the fattest of all the iPhone covers. If you know of a fatter one, I challenge it to a duel! This project/product is called ARKHIPPO and is from the ARK system of coverups, this one dealing specifically in iPhone covering and protecting and standing up. Yes ineedy! Not only does this huge hunk of resin protect your fragile bit of technology, it allows it to both stand on its own and sit in the crook of your neck for easy phonecall use. See the pic for this classic phone pose lost to most modern ‘smarts.

All the colors you desire, lovingly produced to huge proportions, and if you find yourself stranded on a desert island, acts as a pillow for your rock-weary head. Survival gear ho!

Dimension: Height 170, Width 83, and Depth 50
Material: Proprietary closed cell resin / similar to Crocs Shoes
Accessibility: Dock connector access window

Designer: HaA Design