This “Swiss army knife for artists” is a cleverly designed drawing stencil in the shape of a sketch tool

Designed to be so compact, you could carry it in your wallet, the Horizon Helvetica® is a designer/artist’s essential EDC. The card-sized device comes made from laser-cut stainless steel and acts as a universal stencil allowing you to draw straight lines, arcs, circles, and even isometric shapes.

Designer: Ufuk Koc of Horizon Ruler

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The Horizon Helvetica® is whimsically dubbed the “Swiss army knife” of sketch tools, with as many as 12 unique tools integrated into its card-shaped design. The name Helvetica comes from the Latin word for ‘Swiss’, where the font was originally developed in 1957. Just like the font Helvetica, the sketching tool is incredibly versatile, user-friendly, and has the potential to be handy to practically anyone! (The company even made a deal with Monotype to use the Helvetica name for their equally versatile and designer-centric device)

A personal sidekick for anyone with a penchant for sketching, the Horizon Helvetica® lets you sketch and even measure out your drawings for accurate representation. It allows you to draw perfect circles, straight lines, arcs, and even isometric objects. Measurements on the side let you work with metric and imperial units, and there are even dedicated measurement markings for pixels and picas, allowing graphic designers and interface designers to create UI sketch prototypes on paper before taking their concepts into Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, or any other design software.

Draw perfect circles.

Special section for Pixel and Pica measurements. Easily convert your sketches into digital area.

Unleash your creativity with isometric grid and cube sections.

Eliminate old tools from your life.

Perfect straight lines anytime.

The beauty of the Horizon Helvetica® lies not in its size, but in its capabilities. It’s the ultimate artist/designer/architect/engineer’s everyday carry, and allows all kinds of creatives to sketch with precision while allowing them to bring their visions to life. All you literally need is a pen or pencil, a paper napkin or sketchbook, and the Horizon Helvetica® and you can do anything from creating doodles to schematics. You really can’t predict when an idea strikes, which is why the Horizon Helvetica’s handy design works in its favor. Its capabilities are only enhanced by its size, allowing you to ideate anywhere the instant you get an idea… and when you’re done, just slide it back in your wallet or your pocket!

The slick little card comes made from 304 Stainless Steel and includes multiple measuring edges, a compass, set-square, T-square, protractor, circle stencil, isometric grid, and even an isometric cube. It’s designed to be exactly the size of a credit card, and can fit right into your wallet. If you’d like to elevate your gear, however, there’s an optional leather card-holder that’s designed to complement your Horizon Helvetica® (or you could slide it right into the MagSafe Wallet on the back of your iPhone for instant access to the sketching tool). Starting at $26, you can grab a Horizon Helvetica® for yourself in a choice between 6 spectacular color finishes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $38 (38% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

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