A Marriage Of Style And Technology

I don’t think I need to remind you of the quirky sunglasses, MP3s or headsets that we have seen on YD over the years. However is this one of those moments where I bring you an item that’s all three! Bluetooth headset, player AND Sunglasses all rolled into one. Mood is something you would like to wear down Miami Beach and impress the crowds with your style. It’s a multifunctional accessory for your music, phone and eyes.

Walk on the crowded streets and still engage in crisp communicate via the headset thanks to the high quality microphone with noise canceling tech. A bright LED light comes to life when you sync it with your GSM phone or comp. For those interested in the player part, there are three dedicated buttons (on one earpiece) for navigating the songs and three buttons (on the other) to manipulate the volume and Bluetooth on/off.

With summer hitting us soon, something like The Mood will do plenty to up our style-quotient.

Designer: Akin Bacioglu