A Marriage Of Style And Technology

I don’t think I need to remind you of the quirky sunglasses, MP3s or headsets that we have seen on YD over the years. However is this one of those moments where I bring you an item that’s all three! Bluetooth headset, player AND Sunglasses all rolled into one. Mood is something you would like to wear down Miami Beach and impress the crowds with your style. It’s a multifunctional accessory for your music, phone and eyes.

Walk on the crowded streets and still engage in crisp communicate via the headset thanks to the high quality microphone with noise canceling tech. A bright LED light comes to life when you sync it with your GSM phone or comp. For those interested in the player part, there are three dedicated buttons (on one earpiece) for navigating the songs and three buttons (on the other) to manipulate the volume and Bluetooth on/off.

With summer hitting us soon, something like The Mood will do plenty to up our style-quotient.

Designer: Akin Bacioglu


  • bravoechonovember says:

    interesting concept, but this design has a serious flaw. both sunglasses and headphones feature an ‘ear hook’, a loop over the earlobe to support the device. without it, the headphones will fall right off your ears and your glasses will fall to the ground

  • Rc says:

    People usually listen to music when they drive their two-wheelers. Very similar to your design, we can have headphones incorporate in the ear(s) region within the helmet, which can work as a bluetooth headset. What do you think about this!?

    • Mixel says:

      I also listen to my music when driving my bicycle, but I do not need to wear a helmut. I do not wear a helmet when I am on my bicycle, like most of the people in the Netherlands.

      I agree with bravoechonovember that the device will fall on the ground.

      I thought that there already are sunglasses with earphones attachted to them. The only bid difference would be the bluetooth feature.

  • matt says:

    give me a good reason this will stay on your face. you have nothing in this design showing that the headphones will stay on your ears, keeping the sunglasses on your face as well

  • Thunder-KT says:

    I agree with the other replies that how can the sunglassess stay on your ears without any suppor?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    And if you think about it, it wouldn’t be that hard to incorporate ear hooks in this design.

  • i wonder what it would look like when you account for batteries, electronics and speakers…how about princess leia from the first starwars in sunglasses. I am sorry that was a low blow, but really now at least try to be realistic about its size and volume when your proposing a product.

  • mark shown says:

    it may be made of flexible plastics like normal headphones. i tried my headphone on my nose and it doesn’t flip easily. give this one a chance

  • Eric says:

    Well the obvious problem of slipping needs to be addressed, however I’m more worried about wanting to take my sunglasses off freely without loosing the tunes. I mean they do seem rather clear for sunglasses which would work indoors, but how effective in direct light is it? I know it blocks rays, but I’ll be blind! I have to ride public trains for example, and they go underground a lot, I wouldn’t want to have to keep swapping headphones based on location or dark/light changes. My usage between sunglasses and headphones vary to greatly for these to work for me, even if they make them stay on, and make them block light.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Have you ever heard of Transitions lens? They have been around for some time now, and are quite effective..

      • KwangErn says:

        Known as photogray or photochromic lenses. 🙂

      • Eric says:

        Honestly transition lenses are not effective enough for me yet. I want them to be entirely clear, to very dark. I’ve tried a few that could provide neither, effectively enough. Like I said before, even if they were to address the lens issue, I wouldn’t want to be wearing clear glasses all the time just to listen to my music, and I don’t want to have to carry around 2 pairs of headphones, just to own these.

    • sooooooooooo you would look like princess leia in shades, not a bad thing might spice up your social life LOL.

  • confucius says:

    I bet Akin Bacioglu was excited and giddy about posting his ‘cool’ new concept of yanko. Now after realizing its fatal flaws is now hiding in a corner.
    Bit of thought in the next one mate.

    Wait! Who said these were designed for humans, its assumed, but maybe they’re designed for an alien race with ear canals behind their ears.
    Great concept in that case.

  • thesigner says:

    congratulations akin. i think this is a great “concept”. if it will be developed i would buy one. try to redesign it with flexible plastic like normal headphones and add this one ear supports.

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