Drammen on Down the Road to Car Island

Drammen is a city and municipality in Norway (look it up!) which is along the 1,890 km (1,174 mi) long European Route E18. The city of Drammen has been, of recent years, a relatively popular place for the cars; its city center having been burdened by heavy traffic until the installation of the E18 bridge. Designer Fredrik Haukeland plans to capitalize on this situation with an intuitive I.D. project: “a leisure park for car fanatics.”

Behold: “Drive-In Industries.”

Ask Haukeland more about the car culture of the land in your comments if you’re interested. I myself haven’t been to Drammen myself in many years.* This mammoth project would be a wonderful addition though, I must say. Haukeland speaks of a car island that’s entered from the highway. On one end, an “el-car factory,” and on the other, a junk yard for parts. Also included is a customizing service with a test track.

A giant transporter (a conveyer belt?!) links each of these places so that the people and the parts they pick up can move back and forth. On this; the fully interactive car island. Not to be mistaken for Monster Island. Or Monsta Island, for that matter; while we’re at it.

*I have just been informed that I have NEVER actually been to Drammen in my life, and that I should stop lying about the places I have been in the world. List coming soon. lol.

Designer: Fredrik Haukeland