Logitech announced a $599 cockpit rig for you to play your racing games in utmost reality

The only thing missing is the seatbelt.

Designed to be pretty much the last word in racing rigs, this bad boy from Logitech and Playseat is as real as it gets. The “Trophy – Logitech G Edition” is a $599 rig that fits Logitech’s $1000 racing wheel, pedals, and connects to a host of gaming setups. It comes with a chassis made from high carbon steel, upon which sits a rather comfy chair filled with Playseat’s proprietary ActiFit material, which helps promote air circulation and dissipate heat… because with this kind of rig, there’s no way you’re just playing for 15-20 minutes at a time…

Designers: Logitech & Playseat

The open cockpit design creates a perfectly airy atmosphere for high-stakes intense gaming sessions. The setup is customizable, so you can put the wheel and pedal right where you want them. It’s worth noting that the Trophy supports wheel and pedal modules from other brands too (not just Logitech). In fact, the entire rig is merely a rebranded version of Playseat’s own Trophy line, in collaboration with Logitech. The new rig features a grey chassis with Logitech’s branding, and the seat has the Logitech logo emblazoned onto the PU-leather headrest.

“The Playseat Trophy-Logitech G Edition works great with our recently announced PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedals,” says Jim Hoey, the head of simulation marketing at Logitech G. “Now drivers will have the correct setup and racing position to feel the thrill of racing.”

The $599 racing cockpit weighs 37 lbs (17 kg), thanks to the lightweight carbon fiber frame. It’s definitely on the bulkier side, visually, so it’s best suited for setups with a lot of literal legroom. Logitech claims the chair can easily be stowed away when not in use, but that’s easier said than done, given that the setup isn’t portable or foldable, or even discreet. Your best bet is to have a permanent setup that doesn’t require constant moving parts. Just maybe a cup-holder attachment would be nice so you could grab yourself a Red Bull or Monster drink in between gaming sessions.