15 red, white and green accents buyer’s guide that evoke the Christmas charm

Christmas brings forth images of Santa Claus, pine or fir trees and snowfall with the vivid shades of red, green, and white everywhere. This classic color combination never goes out of style and weaves the traditional color palette for Christmas. Here are 15 decorative and functional pieces that can accessorise your interiors and create a well-decorated home to effortlessly capture the holiday spirit.

1. Candleholders

Reminiscent of woody trees blanketed in snow, the intriguing branch-like Landes candlestick by Tom Palmer is cast from plaster and finished in hand-carved texture to resemble wood. The pillar candles of varying heights build the perfect winter wonderland feel and make for an eye-catching centerpiece on a console or dining table. Glowing candles exude warmth to create a mood of relaxation and infuse the magic of a white Christmas. For a cohesive ambience, add scented candles that embrace the season’s flavors such as clove and cinnamon, pumpkin, apple or spruce.

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2. Spherical Cushions

Enhance the look of your sofa or armchair with the Gotain sculptural sphere cushion to usher in a joyful spirit. Its minimalist design adds a slice of fun and infuses a modern Scandinavian touch into the living space. The best part about spherical cushions is that its rounded surfaces will soften the overall look of the space and brings a cozy feel into the interiors.

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3. Starry Wreath

If you love Christmas and want a little bit of that magic throughout the year, this wreath is exactly what you need! The transparent balls capture the spirit of the season with the star shaped lights and are complimented beautifully by the earthy green leaves.

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4. Accent Seating

The classic RM58 Chair has a great history behind it. Known for being one of the earliest examples of polyester-glass laminate furniture, the original design by Roman Modzelewski is from 1958. This bright, red shiny design is sure to add a pop of colour that dazzles up any space.

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5. Table Lamp

Bring the joy of the season with the Hideout red table lamp as it provides mood lighting alongside some visual art. The accent piece features a mysterious glow cast by the large acrylic globe and includes a red feminine resin figurine that takes refuge behind the globe. This highly versatile accent piece can be used to play a functional and decorative role. Place the lamp on a side table for task lighting or for brightening up an empty corner as it makes for a perfect reading spot and creates the right ambience for a cozy Christmas.

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6. Glass French Press

The classic press post gets a modern makeover with this glass French press. Made using premium heat-proof borosilicate glass, the transparent design makes a fun addition where you can actually see your coffee brewing. Perfect for the holiday winter mornings where you want the aroma of coffee to fill your space while you cozy up on the couch!

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7. Santa-inspired Throw

Christmas doesn’t get merrier than this! The striking Tillington throw adds color and an interesting textural element into the interiors. It features a white fluffy border surrounding soft velvety crimson fabric that will keep one cozy and warm on a cold winter’s night. These throws can be draped over chairs, sofas and ottomans and effortlessly elevate the look of the overall space.

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8. Hanging Planters

Subtly bring the Christmas colors to the outdoors with the red and white Misewell Portico hanging planters while the vining plants and succulents add touches of green and weave the space together. The planters look elegant and bring in Scandinavian simplicity into the outdoors.

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9. Arcs Vase

Designed by Belgian duo Muller Van Severen for HAY, this minimal vase brings to mind a chain of vertical arcs that will never go out of style. The result is a elegant silhouette with a mirror finish that can work in any setting – be it a minimal cosy look or a glamorous dining table setup.

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10. SHUFFLE Side Table

If you remember playing with classical wooden toys, the SHUFFLE side table is sure to catch your eye! Designed by Mia Hamborg, the design inspired a sense of joy and nostalgia for everyone! Mia was inspired by the Brio Stacking Clown and allows you to play around with the colour combinations, the shapes and the height of the table – great Christmas morning fun for the family!

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11. Organizers

Who says functional pieces should be boring? The Uten.Silo II includes differently sized and shaped containers with metal hooks and clips. It gives the space a quirky vibe and can provide practical storage for small items in the kitchen, home office, or bathroom.

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12. Carpet

As the living room plays an important role during the holiday season, it is highly recommended to introduce a carpet for warmth, comfort, and creating a layered look. The lush green hues of the Optico rug adds a seasonal pop, evokes glamor and makes the home feel special during this time of the year. The best part about green color is that it reminds us of nature whilst offering a calming vibe to the interiors.

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13. Bracket Light

Taking a cue from Santa’s reindeer, the Antlers Deer light will enliven any space and be the focal point of a blank wall. Inspired by Nordic colours, the bracket light in muted hues forms an integral part of the festive décor and imparts a classic feel to the space. These light fixtures are ideal for compact homes and make the most of vertical space.

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14. Bookends

Create a luxurious vibe with the Agate bookend that is a mix of white, green, and gold — adding a pinch of festive glitter. Crafted of ancient gemstones found inside ancient lava streams, these bold and ethereal bookends will instantly radiate drama and elevate your interiors with a decorative appeal. The work is finished with a metallic touch that infuses a sense of glamor.

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15. Chandelier

The Coco feather lampshade is a bold three-tiered chandelier that can transform into the quintessential Christmas show stopper or be an additional layer within the space. It adds a sense of drama via height, evergreen feathers with hints of teal blue and draws the attention upwards. Additionally, this piece captures the essence of the festive season without having a tree as a centerpiece and creates a dramatic impact in larger areas. The chandelier adds sparkle and celebrates the organic, tactility of materials through its sculptural shape and creates a beautiful focal point.

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These accents can transform the home into a festive wonderland and also form year-round décor that brings a fresh, positive vibe into the space. Don’t forget to complete the Christmas look with painted pine cones, holy garlands, stockings, fairy lights, potpourri and apple-cinnamon scents. This is a perfect way to add love, kindness and the holiday joy within the home.