Future Cup Alert! It has the V Shape.

Has this ever happened to you? *Cup ring on nose*

Well me too! Always with the cup ring on the nose from the wanting to get the liquid out of the cup. And not only that, designer AMINATION (aka Amin Saadat), has got a thing or two to say about all the “fats and bacteria from the edge of the glass.”

It’s the “Unose.” The “V” shape is just magic. As you can see, it totally works magic by way of physics. I don’t know that there’s a huge problem with germs on the ring of cups that needs to be solved, but cup tipping: there’s a worldwide pan-epidemic.

Tip up your cups! Just a little bit less.

Designer: Amination, aka Amin Saadat


  • Eric says:

    Ya not to sure about the germ thing on the rim either. Why drink from a cup with known germs on it’s rim? It’s nothing new, and you refill more often too since it doesn’t hold as much. Which would bother me more than the cup covering my nose and giving me ‘ring nose’ .01% of the time. Looks like a cool glass though don’t get me wrong, especially with a fun colored drink in it!

    • amination says:

      thanks Eric 4 review
      but i must say:
      i live at east . here more people have big nose
      which alternating toch the rim.
      of course if who want to drinking fully !!

  • Carl says:

    but i have a neck that works…?

  • Paul Joseph says:

    Its a bit impractical because one would have to have 2-3 helpings. And if it’s made of glass it would be heavy.I don’t recall when last the rim touched my nose when I drank something. Nevertheless its a worthwhile thought 🙂

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I was thinking about this issue a few weeks ago. A much simpler solution would be a glass with an angled upper rim. You would still tilt the glass as much as you do with a regular one, but nothing would touch your nose, and you save your neck too.
    No mention to the fact that it would be lighter and much cheaper.

  • Luke says:

    If germs are such a concern, an antimicrobial coating would go much further than fiddling with the cup’s shape.

    Which brings me to the shape. Why the chubby walls? Waste of material if you ask me. Can’t it just be a cone-shaped glass? Similarly, if you don’t want it touching your nose, can’t it just be a narrower cylinder?

    Pardon my negativity, but I really can’t wrap my head around an attempt at redesigning something so simple and with so many permutations as a cup or a glass.

  • Hammerhead says:

    Wouldn’t a straw solve this problem for those who really care? Cool looking design, poor reasoning.

  • Andy Zhang says:

    Is anyone concerned with it’s unstackability?
    IKEA has had cups for years that are slightly angled on the side, which make them both stackable, and it doesnt need to be tilted 90° for everything to flow out

  • MadCow says:


  • Keith says:

    Solo(R) cups have already solved this problem. They are larger at the top and smaller at the bottom, which gives you the same effect.

  • chootia kyun bana raha hai bhai?

  • Carl says:

    solved the problem, what problem?

    • amination says:

      this is a general experience when you try to drink some thing with glass ,your nose feel edge of glass! because
      every one wants to drink completely ! and with this terrible touch fats and bacterias on your nose distribute on edge of glass
      so who can change general habit?
      but glass form is changeable easily!!!
      i solved this problem in easy way , how? :
      if you give a certain angle in interior end part of glass like ” V ” this problem never done any more
      as the pictures you can see when your drink receive to end part of glass (its near to finish!!!) you dont need to rise
      your hand like past
      because interior angle is different with exterior one meaning you will finish it without rise angle of glass to horizontal line
      so your nose never touch edge of glass

    • higui says:

      cool … we really need creative product design in 2009!

  • Phil says:

    The CAD looks like the lower ‘new’ cup has just not been tipped as far back as the normal glass.

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