This spoon can stimulate your tastebuds to make food taste better

Food science is a very intriguing part of the culinary arts and plays an important role in how you interact with what you eat. Colors like red and yellow have proven to make people feel more hungry (it’s no surprise why McDonald’s literally has it as its color scheme), and most experts will say a white plate makes food taste much better because they allow the colors on your plate to truly stand out. Now, father-son duo Ken and Cameron Davidov, are taking that science to another level with a spoon they claim helps enhance flavors by stimulating your taste-buds.

It’s safe to say that Ken and Cameron Davidov have literally dedicated their lives to spoons. They helped invent a folding two-piece snap together spoon that came with yogurt containers (and eventually with instant-ramen cups, and even pioneered the award-winning spoon-in-lid system that General Mills used with their yogurts and Haagen Dazs, with their ice-creams. The SpoonTEK is a culmination of virtually decades of work in this domain, but it isn’t a simple redesign of your regular hand-held scooping device… it looks at food and how we eat it on a molecular and cellular level.

In theory, the SpoonTEK works just like a pair of binoculars. Eyes aren’t programmed to see something that’s a quarter of a mile away, but put a pair of lenses in front of them and the eyes can see much further than they originally could. Think of the SpoonTEK as a device that does the same thing, but for your taste-buds. Using a patent-pending ionic charging stimulation technology, the SpoonTEK has a way of conducting your body’s own energy through the spoon and into the food on it. This microcurrent is enough to stimulate your taste-buds into making the food feel more flavorful. Chocolate ice-cream feels more chocolatey, soup tastes more flavorful, macaroni-and-cheese feels more cheesy, and yogurt tastes better too, without that sour, pasty aftertaste. I wish I understood the material science behind the spoon, but according to the Davidov duo, the spoon’s strategic metal electrodes on the top and bottom help conduct these microcurrents to enhance taste as well as aftertaste. The spoon targets the parts of your tongue that taste the different categories of food, making sweet food taste sweeter, savory food taste more savory, and helping enrich the overall notes in the food you eat.

Cameron and Ken Davidov hope that SpoonTEK will change the way we perceive food. Its ability to tantalize tastebuds means more than just making regular, boring food taste good… it holds the potential to help people consume less sugar or salt on a daily basis by making food taste more sugary or salty. Low-calorie alternatives to food could potentially taste better, and people on diets could find themselves enjoying their food much more than they would with a regular spoon. Moreover, if the SpoonTEK really claims to enhance flavor, it may just be a boon for people recovering from the Coronavirus, who’ve probably experienced a loss in smell and taste. Obviously, I’m no medical expert, but a spoon that could stimulate your tastebuds to potentially enrich flavors would really help these people taste and enjoy food better.

The SpoonTEK, according to its designers, works great with ice-creams, soups, and yogurt (semisolid or liquid foods in general) because of the way these foods easily come in contact with the electrode on the top. The spoon doesn’t just enhance taste though, it makes sure you’ve got a great aftertaste too, so the food tastes good long after the spoon leaves your mouth. The SpoonTEK’s been under development for three years now, and the Davidovs are finally at a stage where their food-changing game-changing spoon can make its way into homes, mouths, and even the dishwasher after you’re done eating!

Designers: Cameron & Ken Davidov

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SpoonTEK – A Smart Spoon that Elevates Taste

Using patent-pending technology, the SpoonTEK excites the taste buds on your tongue for enhanced flavor, heightened taste and improved after-taste.

SpoonTEK Overview

The human tongue can process five flavors at once: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory. The taste receptors within the taste buds activate while eating so the senses take over. Ultimately, the brain determines the final perception of flavor and taste.

SpoonTEK science combines the power of advanced electronics with tongue sensory and the brain for a one-of-a-kind eating experience.

How Does it Work

Customer Testimonials

Their spoon works best on yogurt, ice cream, soup, healthy foods with less sugar & salt.

Comes in 3 colors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $89 (67% off). Hurry, only 134/200 left!