Candlelight Be Damned, LED Forks Are Here

It’s the Valentine month, and love is in the air. Planning out gifts, romantic dinners, cards…awesome fun! Care to sparkle the evening a bit? Dine in elegance in exquisite settings with gourmet food, candlelights and good old charm! Perhaps lightWARE cutlery will illuminate the ambience; after all it’s a heady combination of silver, crystal and LED lights.

With a silver head and engraved crystal body, the least you expect from a cutlery is to emit soft colorful lighting. At the tip is a removable silver cap that hosts the LED and a watch size battery. Giving the adage “Silver Spoon” a totally luminous meaning, I reckon this will be a hit during the dating season!

Designer: David Veldkamp


  • Anonymous says:

    haha cool

  • Carl says:

    Tacky is not the word for this dross..!

  • Kyran Cinflaria says:

    Some good designer out there, (because this is a work of art)needs to be spending his time on something more useful.

  • Rhi says:

    I love this idea and would definately buy a set if they were not too expensive.. go for it!

  • Rhi says:

    I love this idea and would definately buy a set if they were not too expensive.. go for it!

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