Parametric ceramics that ditch the potter’s wheel for algorithms

I’d make some wise remark about spinning wheels versus spinning hard-disks, but it would probably require a fair bit of explanation. Parametric design is a term often used in industrial design and architecture to describe computer-aided design where algorithms become a part of the design process, and is a relatively new concept to ceramics and pottery (although to be true, it is gaining popularity). Jimmy Jian and Jack Liu’s use of parametric modeling in ceramics results in some stunning pieces that combine the natural appeal of glazed pottery with the sharp edges brought about by the parametric design process. Created as a series of homeware, Jian and Liu’s Parametric Ceramics are tradition and modernity brought together. The slip-casted ceramic pieces come with beautifully edgy textures that one would never get off a potter’s wheel. These textures are, however, softened slightly with a thick coat of glazed hues that make each ceramic piece vibrant and absolutely inviting!

Designers: Jimmy Jian & Jack Liu.