CKIE Product of the week – Duo Coffee Steeper


I pledge allegiance to no beverage. On some days I crave tea, but I have my odd coffee-lovin’ days too! Obviously, being particular about what I eat or drink, I steer clear of instant coffee. Freshly brewed coffee is the only coffee that touched my lips, so to speak. With demands as meticulous as mine, the Duo coffee steeper seems like my ideal caffeine-concocting chump. It’s hourglass figure has me captivated from the start! Apart from Duo’s bodacious curves, it has an ability to churn out coffee that’s damn near perfect. Coffee grounds are poured into its upper compartment, followed by hot water. The reverse cone filter ensures that virtually no sludge or coffee dust makes its way through, and into your golden cuppa. The preciously pure liquid collects in the lower glass carafe. Tilt the Duo over, and the coffee pours out through the top, with no chance of slimy coffee residual sludge pouring out from the upper compartment!

The Duo’s upper compartment (where the magic happens) is designed to work like a French coffee press. The grounds interact with the hot water for as long as possible. A simple twist of the upper cap releases the grounds and allows the black coffee to trickle through into the carafe. What you’re left with is pristine, shimmering golden coffee that tastes like paradise. And a pretty heavenly looking coffee steeper to match!

Available at: CKIE [Buy it here]