Stelton 2007 Autumn Collection

Stelton’s innovation stream goes strong, presenting their newest design collection: a fashionable fall collection of vacuum jugs (so-called “Hotshots”), a Super Charger for your mobile, cameras, and other rechargeable electronic items, a beautiful new alarm & table clock.

Manufacturer: Stelton

Are you not sure which color to choose for your morning and your clothes? Then keep an eye on this season’s collection of Erik Magnussen’s vacuum jug with rocker stopper. The collection is as always kept in the most trendy colors – this time the colors are: soft midnight blue, soft white and soft chocolate.

Just before running out of the door in the morning, you can catch your mobile from Stelton’s new Super Charger – a “charging station” shaped as a cylindrical container in stainless steel and plastics with a slot at the top. In it you can place the family’s mobile chargers and pull the cables through the lid – just to plug into mobile phones, cameras etc. This way you avoid the “chaotic” impression of big, black phone chargers hanging around the sockets of the kitchen and living room and you always know where to find your mobiles. The solution is elegant and you avoid disorder.

Simple living is all about the fact that neither life nor the things, we surround us with, should be too complicated. And the starting point for an uncomplicated day is to get up in time. With the new alarm clock from Stelton classic you get a beautiful, simple design experience from the moment you open your eyes. The clock consists of a cylindrical shell in high gloss finished stainless steel with a black background below the classical clock face. The top is non-symmetrical – and it balances the stringent cylindrical shape, which is inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s Cylinda Line-series. By placing several alarm clocks on top, one can even display different timezones in a tower-like assembly.

The new filter jug from Stelton 21st makes it extra easy for you to serve an inviting cup of coffee. This is where taste, function and visual experience form a synthesis. You simply pour grinded coffee beans and boiling water into the jug, mix it once with the spoon (included) and then it filters the coffee on its own while you pour. In order to keep warm, the jug is double-walled and it comes in a beautiful dark brown color that resembles the color of roasted coffee beans. Just like the rest of the 21st series it has a simple, futuristic form language. The basic shape of the jug is a sort of rounded rectangle with soft edges.

Salt and pepper are a natural part of every meal. With the new salt and pepper grinders “Black ‘n’ White” from Stelton explore you do not need to bother yourself with putting them back in the cupboard when the meal has ended. The set is a beautiful, graphic double sculpture with functional ceramic grinders.

The two grinders – in respectively white and black – are twisted as in a weak spiral and they instinctively invite the hand to continue the twisting movement and give the meal “A Twist of Taste”.

You bring your keys everywhere. Unfortunately you can’t use them to peel fruit – or to cut a string. This is why Stelton now introduces the beautiful, practical pocket knife with a built in key ring. Not unfolded the pocket knife, which is in part made of black rubber, simply functions as a practical key ring. But by pulling on the side, the knife’s blade appears all ready to use. It is easy to use and it is the perfect gift for the man – or woman – who values functional design.