Spin Ye Mighty Music Color Wheel, Spin!

What have we got here? We’ve got one of the creators of the ever-so-popular inflatable bookmark, designer Rhea Jeong! What Jeong has for us today is the “Colorsonic”: an MP3 player that displays its playlist with color. Each color represents a music genre. When you want to play some songs n stuff, choose 1 (or more) color(s) from your wheel, and a list will be automatically picked for you made of songs from the genre colors you chose.

I see spectrum. I’m in dreamland.

But not Kirby’s Dreamland. I’m talking about interactive dreamland. The “Colorsonic” project is not just an MP3 concept, it’s got special software, and a super-duper-colorsonic-club website, too! No word on if they’ll call it that, but that’s what it is: log on and trade color rings, share and explore music mit de colores.

Rhea Jeong sends word that the Colorsonic project was the result of a summer internship with Samsung, and that if interest takes off, that the Colorsonic may be realized. (That means Colorsonic might even exist in the real world … but that the power … is YOURS!)

Designer: Rhea Jeong