The Nintendo Switch Gets Its Own Voguish Carrying Case

In a lot of ways I see the Nintendo Switch mirroring the success of the iPhone. The release of the iPhone spawned a lot of smaller industries that would make accessories for it. Companies would create specialized products, docks, speakers, that only worked with the iPod or the iPhone and the success of these products led to the survival of a lot of smaller companies who extended Apple’s vision.

The Nintendo Switch, although not as wildly popular as the iPhone yet, is resulting in a lot of creators making accessories that help extend the functionalities and capabilities of the gaming console. With everything from cardboard kits to extended battery packs, the Nintendo Switch is seeing a wave of accessories. Just like the camera and laptop redefined the bag industry, the Nintendo Switch is creating its own movement as exemplified by The Switch Bag by Séfu — a simple, safe, and stylish satchel-type bag that allows you carry the portable gaming console around in its own style, rather than dumping it in a laptop bag along with your other items.

The Switch Bag comes in both leather and cloth constructions. The leather variant is made from full-grain vegetable tanned leather and has an old-world charm, complete with brass stud fasteners. The fabric variant comes with more modern magnetic fasteners and a waterproof Cordura branded nylon outer lining that beats any weather. Each of the variants stays true to its style, while making sure that they are functionally on the same level playing field.

Séfu’s Switch Bag comes with a spacious interior that’s big enough to comfortably fit the Switch (even accommodating the Joycons), as well as your other belongings. Designed with a dedicated Switch compartment that’s padded for extra protection, the bag uses a magnetic, leather partition to separate the Switch from your other belongings, be it your charger, keys, phone, wallet, or even passport. The partition even serves as a cartridge belt too, carrying as many as 12 different game cartridges on the go with you.

Designed to be to the Nintendo Switch what photography bags are to cameras, The Switch Bag comes with two varying yet equally charming styles and a functionality that makes a world of sense if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner. Much better than carrying just any bag with the Switch stashed inside it, Séfu’s Switch Bag gives you much more personalized, dedicated storage for not just the gaming controls but also its peripherals, along with your personal belongings. A must-have for all Nintendo Switch gamers!

Designer: Thomas Grové of Séfu

Click here to Buy Now: $45.00 $65.00 (30% off).


Séfu designed a minimal bag with a focus on protection, accessibility, and quality materials that was just the right size to carry your Nintendo Switch and a few daily essentials. The removable center divide not only protects your screen but it also holds 12 games. And because it’s removable it means your bag will have a life beyond the Switch, opening up the possibility to carry a variety of things — even a mirrorless camera and a spare lens.

An example of a fully loaded Switch Bag ready for travel. Contents: mobile phone, wallet, keys, USB type-c charger, passport and boarding pass, Nintendo Switch, and removable center divide with 12 Switch game cartridges!



Comes in three variants, Deluxe, Pro, and Standard.


The Standard Switch Bag and the Pro Switch Bag share these remarkable features:

– Vegan friendly
– Durable water resistant fabrics
– Removable shoulder straps with 38mm webbing
– Matte gunmetal hardware: including a custom tri-glide with an engraved Séfu logo
– Removable center divide: protects your screen, holds 12 games, and is held in place by magnets
– Protective foam
– Extra strappy things: attach your bag to your belt or bike handles!


Pro Switch Bag – Made with 500D Cordura Brand Nylon 66 fabric, available in Black and Space Grey. The Pro bag also includes a layer of Poron XRD Extreme Impact Foam along the sides and bottom. It is a no compromises bag that uses the best materials they could find.

The lid on the Pro Switch Bag uses two 25mm magnetic snap buckles. It’s a one-of-a-kind technology combining the advantages of strong magnets to make them easy to close and secure snap functionality to ensure a high locking force.


Standard Switch Bag – The lid uses simple magnets for closure. It’s the fastest solution for opening and closing your bag, and strong enough to keep your valuables inside. The 600D Polyester fabric and is available in fun color options. It uses standard EVA foam instead of Poron XRD.


Deluxe Switch Bag – Made from a cowhide exterior and a lambskin interior. Each bag is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and hand-finished by skilled artisans. It features brass alloy hardware with a classic brass finish. At launch the bag will be available in three limited colorways.


This is the perfect bag for the fashion conscious gamer. It’s the kind of thing that will look better as it ages and with proper care can last a lifetime. Because it is hand-made our rate of production is limited, and so their reward tiers will be limited as well.


Click here to Buy Now: $45.00 $65.00 (30% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!


Séfu is a functional fashion brand. They design products that solve problems, are easy to use, and make you look cool. Their name is pronounced ”Say Foo”. This sound has a few Japanese interpretations that are relevant to their brand, including: “Safe”. With the Séfu Switch Bag they created a simple bag that is protective, stylish, well organized, and easy to access. Now you can bring your Switch with you everywhere you go!