CD Player Concept, Even Tho It’s 2008

Sure CD sales have steadily declined but that doesn’t stop some designers from envisaging new concepts created just for pure audiophiles. The Pandora Alcantara is a wall mounted CD player that borrows a little of today’s tilt sensing technologies to make the disc player more relevant. The remote control comes in the form of a tilt sensing bar fitted with a wait for it. . . touchscreen. Leaving the bar vertical lets you control volume while the horizontal position lets you scrub thru tracks.

Of course for a technology as “archaic” as CDs, there’s gotta be a gimmick to lure buyers in. That’s why the Pandora is completely covered in Alcantara – a super luxurious suede like material found only in exotic luxury cars and yachts.

Designer: Antoine Lebrun & Volkan Akbiyik