CD Player Concept, Even Tho It’s 2008

Sure CD sales have steadily declined but that doesn’t stop some designers from envisaging new concepts created just for pure audiophiles. The Pandora Alcantara is a wall mounted CD player that borrows a little of today’s tilt sensing technologies to make the disc player more relevant. The remote control comes in the form of a tilt sensing bar fitted with a wait for it. . . touchscreen. Leaving the bar vertical lets you control volume while the horizontal position lets you scrub thru tracks.

Of course for a technology as “archaic” as CDs, there’s gotta be a gimmick to lure buyers in. That’s why the Pandora is completely covered in Alcantara – a super luxurious suede like material found only in exotic luxury cars and yachts.

Designer: Antoine Lebrun & Volkan Akbiyik


  • Marcus says:

    “archaic as CDs” For people who actually listen to music there are CDs, and for people who want to look cool there are MP3 players. I don’t any one has a right to call CDs or LPs archaic when all digitally distributed formats only come in crappy quality and the artists actually get compensated.

    • Long Tran says:

      That’s why the word archaic is in quotes… it’s subjective.

    • Ian says:

      About the design, I like it, but I’m wondering why the CD part isn’t center? I don’t think the main rectangle part needs to be as tall as it is.

  • Canberk says:

    Desingn is perfect…

  • Matthew Smith says:

    It’s all very well to write these little articles with some snidey tone, but as great as MP3/AAC etc. is, it still sounds crap when it’s compared with a CD. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and put on a CD, crank it up and remind yourself of what you’re missing, the same as you could say about vinyl. I don’t see why the CD should be dead – It may not be as prominent in the future but it still has it’s place, unless of course you have cloth ears…

    As far as the design goes, it’s all a bit disjointed for me. Those dodgy looking concentric circles don’t do it any favours, but I do like the way the cable appears to grow out of the corner. Interesting concept, but not something I’d buy.

  • zdesign says:

    still a concept

  • Arturo says:

    I agree with the fact that CD’s are still alive to those who enjoy good quality sound. Those who think MP3’s of adequate sound quality truly don’t know what they’re missing.

    I really like the design. It seems a bit limited though, if someone would want to make it their own –I think it’s great when the option of customization is given to the consumer.
    I might suggest making the cable to be coming out the corner like that optional; so that one may be able to hide it behind their wall? some people just hate cables sticking out of something so beautiful.
    And also make it optional for it to be turned vertically–if it’s not already.

    otherwise, great concept, great design.

  • MF'08 says:

    i wish i could create such great 3d -realistic concepts

    is it that difficult i think?

  • MF'08 says:

    i wish i could create such great 3d -realistic concepts

    is it that difficult i think?

  • David says:

    A shining example of ADEYAKA.

  • Lucian says:

    I find that using FLAC (lossless compression format) is much more convenient and the quality is the same as a CD (since it’s lossless). There are few portable music players that support flac.

  • Alexis says:

    i would like to know where i could buy this Wall Mounted CD player. Thank you

  • Very neat… Wish they would make cooler designs for 12inchs

  • Richard S says:

    Hi, i very much like the cd player, the fact you can mound it onto the wall will make it look like a piece of art! where can we buy this? and what sort of price bracket is it?

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