NasdaqQ3 Home Trading Terminal Keeps It Simple

Designed for overworked Wallstreet traders, Allen Liu designed this home trading terminal to ease the infusion of work into home life. While an admirable effort, if you’re working, you’re working regardless of where you are and I don’t see this interface holding up well against an information-packed, 4 screen terminal. If that’s not enough, Allen completely failed to put in a “Private Browsing” button for those lonely, late-night trading sessions that last for hours.

Designer: Allen C. Liu


  • matt says:

    does this roll up im assuming by the shape?

    • Keith says:

      Part of it looks like it wants to, but the screen looks like it is fixed, which would render any rolling-up useless. Why do I need this when I can just do the same thing from my computer? Buy a netbook and then use e-trade on it, tah-dah *poof*, this terminal will magically appear.

  • saltynay says:

    Why does it have blu-ray functionality as a prominant stocks trading computer? It would be a failure if produced why pay that much for a device that has the same limitations as a laptop but is not as portable.

  • Ekove says:

    The camera not being centered and the placement of the mic annoying.

    But really what does this design bring? looks like a laptop but not portable. It’s main point can be easily replaced by a free software. The screen is way too small and frustrating for someone who’s going to spend 8+ hours on the computer.

    And blueray? bose speakers? Potentially overpriced without the portability of the laptop or the highspecs/big monitor of a desktop.

    Maybe if he made this…roll thing have multiple functions and make is customizable it’d be more interesting but definitely not something that would sell either way.

  • Eric says:

    Everyone I have an idea! An at home terminal for ebay! It could have B&O speakers, ya!? Genius!

  • Dave says:

    This is ‘the’ dumbest laptop concept I’ve ever seen. It’s so off-target..nothing about it makes sense functionally. Nothing about it relates to what traders do, nothing!

  • Brian says:

    If I was to use this on my lap…then the flexible keyboard would rest on my legs…..which do not form a flat surface.–>it can thus only be used on a flat surface.

    Usability: F
    Aesthetics: F
    Human factors: F
    Ergonomics: F
    Market specificiy: F (this is abviously not what traders could use)

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