Filtered Tap on the Go, French Press Style

We’re seeing a huge influx of filtered tap water designs and they all do the same thing; use some sort of carbon material to filer contaminants and that nasty metallic taste. A few stand out like the 321 Water. It’s like any other bottle, holding more than the recommended daily amount of fresh water but instead waiting for your bottle to fill up via a drip system, is goes all French press style on us.

Pretty simple to use, fill the BPA free bottle with tap water, insert the filtration press and slowly push down. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work but there are a few quirks. The filtering mechanism seems quite large, in fact it seems to occupy a lot of volume inside the bottle. As “fun” as it might be to press my own water, I’d have to refill it constantly. The other tidbit are filter replacements. How cost effective is this, say compared to a filtration system that fits over your faucet?

And if you’re frugal, there is one way to kill contaminants and get rid of that nasty tap taste; boil the water and let it cool in the fridge – that’s the old school way.

Designers: Gretha Oost, Paul Charlwood & Andrew Howley