The Social Gas Mask

The nature of a gas mask has a negative connotation as it is, but in this example it’s used as a tool with psychological coping during emergency situations. It’s called the Social Gas Mask, and its large eyepieces, cheeky filters and small mouth opening work together to offer an empowering image and positive experience. It facilitates better communication between individuals spending time together in a stressful situation. It’s as friendly as a gas mask could be!

Designer: Zlil Lazarovich


  • What the actual hell is this says:

    I’m sorry but what? WHAT??!! Who sits at home casually watching TV with a GAS MASK ON????!!! How do these pictures make any sense? You need a gas mask in emergency situations, not when you’re catching up on this week’s Game of Thrones. For christ sake Yanko publish something better

  • agustin says:

    helo i have a question what rendering program did you used, the textures are prefect, and your design its awesome

  • Name*Tian says:

    Rapid prototyping to create

  • Zlil says:


    To answer your comments, the photos above are not renderings. They are photos of the finished model which was created by hand, using rapid prototype only for some details.

  • Anonymous says:

    Make it black with neon colours and you will have club wear you could market to cybergoths in Cyberdog for £50-£80 each.

  • Anonymous says:

    But give me a free one. = )

  • Evelyn Snow says:

    The details are a little sparse. Is there anywhere it’s laid out in more detail? It would possibly qualify as an experimental mask on the wiki I contribute to.

    From /what I can see/, the mask offers no voice diaphragm, no peripheral seal, uses proprietary filters as opposed to STANAG 4155 compliant types, and there doesn’t appear to be any drinking system. The mechanism by which the straps are adjusted to fit the individual also seems unclear, as well as the method for changing the filters.

    I’m also interested in the rationale of some concept images. In the event that an attack seemed likely, it doesn’t seem so reasonable to expect civilians to continue with their lives as normal.

    I’d appreciate clarification very much.


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