Music On Your Wrist, On The Go

The Impossible Mac is back again to amuse us with his futuristic concepts. Here we find a transparent music player that slaps onto your wrist. Don’t want it clear; just opt for an image or color graphics instead and use it as a wrist-gear. Teamed with earphones that bring the “concert performance” to your ears, the trip sounds bombastic! I did mention futuristic right? To justify that Mac includes a built-in mic that helps locate and play a song on your playlist, once you hum the tune into it.

A heartbeat sensor and compatibility with your mobile phone round up the features. However you got to give it to Mac for coming up with such unique, and sometimes improbable designs…you can’t stop a man from dreaming big!

Designer: Mac Funamizu


  • Eric says:

    I would like the dream pills some people take to design their stuff. I would love to live in la-la land with them for a day! Is this for Aeon Flux 2?

  • Carl says:

    i have often thought of using dylithium crystals myself, (as used on the SS enterprise), to make designs work. Unfortunately they do not exist.

  • kilian says:

    somebody please make him stop…

  • zippyflounder says:

    it runs on good karma, if you ^*(&^&*(& somebody over it plays polka music at 110 db….lol

  • eric says:

    if noone ever dreamt of things like this, there would be no innovation. it’s the job of designers to always dream big and then bring it into the present context. i’m not saying this is a great bit of design, but critiquing the fact that it is based on technologies which are a bit fanciful, but not that out of reach today, is inane. stop hating and start innovating

    • zippyflounder says:

      “stop hating and start innovating” I have been innovation (and making them real) for over 30 years and you?

      • Hey zippy says:

        Then,, show us your great innovation, don’t you see people just hate the you choose when you put your comment?

        • zippyflounder says:

          One of my many was the superluminairy led flashing safty lights (blinkly tail lights)for bikes, runners, skateboarders and skaters. There were two utility patents granted one was to your fishy freind here, the other to a buddy of mine with a asian last name. just slide over to and do a search…making them real, for 30 years.

        • zippyflounder says:

          cant edit my other post, here is a easy search term for the uspto

          “superluminescent light-emitting diode safety warning light”

  • pepinthewicked says:

    As a gadget it’s not particularly believable or novel. More importantly, however, is that the second image would make an incredibly cool bracelet.

  • Unananoymoussss says:

    well this had better stop being a dream and start to become a reality because it looks great.

  • I just have one thing to say …. WOW

  • pokelover02 says:

    hey it can happen!:D if i could get my hands on one of those babies, everyone who sees me will be dying to get one!X3

  • Jared says:

    What’s the price?

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