The “8” Challenges the Modern Handheld Communication Device Community… or Does it?

With the Weird on the rise, is there any room for flip phones and extra-small touchscreens? Kyung-Ryul Lim + Miyeon Kim have designed the “8,” a handheld communication device which makes use of two flip-up touch-screens with video, telephone, dictionary, and undoubtedly many other programs. Is there a market?

KyungRyul Lim and Miyeon Kim design moving parts:

The mobile phone has dual touch screen and 8 shape frame which help to move dual touch screen. Moveable dual touch screen is easy to use and has various functions according to its shapes. It can be used electronic dictionary by moving touch screen and can be used to displayphone . These changes in functions according to these shapes will bring out special feelings from users.


1. Supposing the screens are strong enough not to break off in your pocket, and are able to easily lock down into the device, is there a sufficient amount of programs and uses for these moving parts?

2. Is this “Odd” enough for the “Odd” wave of new phones?

3. If this were produced in numbers that made them inexpensive enough to be a “standard” phone, would you choose it over the other “basic” models?

Designers: Kyung-Ryul Lim & Miyeon Kim