The LMacTouch: Perfect Desktop for a Perfect World?

When you think “modern computer,” you think size, portability, functionality, and case aesthetics. What else? The LMacTouch has the good stuff. It’s got a touch screen, major-ly adjustable screen, green features, and it’s pretty!

Why isn’t this a production model?

Designer Mayyen Chan makes it simple:

The LMacTouch is like any other touch screen desktop but with a few exceptions. It is ergonomically designed to be flexible for comfort of the user. There is also an energy function that offers an option to the user to use solar energy as a power source.

A few questions:
1. Does an optional solar panel make this an official “green” concept?

2. Why hasn’t Apple made a model with these capabilities yet?

3. Does it come with a keyboard, or do I have to spend a months pay on one again? For crying out loud! A keybord! They don’t make em like they used to. That turned into more of a comment than a question. On another note: any [keyboard] suggestions?

Also: be sure to view the video for a full walkaround.

Designer: Mayyen Chan