The LMacTouch: Perfect Desktop for a Perfect World?

When you think “modern computer,” you think size, portability, functionality, and case aesthetics. What else? The LMacTouch has the good stuff. It’s got a touch screen, major-ly adjustable screen, green features, and it’s pretty!

Why isn’t this a production model?

Designer Mayyen Chan makes it simple:

The LMacTouch is like any other touch screen desktop but with a few exceptions. It is ergonomically designed to be flexible for comfort of the user. There is also an energy function that offers an option to the user to use solar energy as a power source.

A few questions:
1. Does an optional solar panel make this an official “green” concept?

2. Why hasn’t Apple made a model with these capabilities yet?

3. Does it come with a keyboard, or do I have to spend a months pay on one again? For crying out loud! A keybord! They don’t make em like they used to. That turned into more of a comment than a question. On another note: any [keyboard] suggestions?

Also: be sure to view the video for a full walkaround.

Designer: Mayyen Chan


  • John Q says:

    solar panels are only beginning to become useful on the outside of houses, where light is at a maximum in CERTAIN regions. So no, this is not a green concept….

  • Greg says:

    What nonesense ! Start using your brain instead of copying Apple. Irrespective of a crude concept it also looks really ugly…(Jonathan Ive would beat you up, especially for those ugly curved stand).

  • Iperpaolo says:

    without the apple logo is this an apple computer ?
    probably no, probably also a real apple computer is nothing without it : )

    touchscreen solutions are made for small screens and short periods.
    If you want real ergonomic computer, it’s more useful a stokke chair and a good mouse.

  • jorge says:

    Does it have antireflexive screeen to avoid the sun light to become impossible use this concept outsite? 😉 sorry my english.

  • hamp says:

    ouch…a little heavy handed on the responses here. I do agree though, the solar panels would be pointless inside, especially on the back where they would be angled down. Probably couldnt power the green glowly bars. However, the commericial style presentation is really well done.

  • Guilherme says:

    Basic rule of ergonomics in info-ranks: To never make use the monitor in front of the window. To prevent direct solar light in the eyes of the user.
    That irradiation is this that goes to supply the demand of energy of this desktop?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    In fact, you’d have to be a moron to put solar panels on a surface that will be facing down…
    Maybe if the panels were sold separately, so you can put them outside and connect them to the screen, it would work.

  • Rob says:

    Its a shame to see that that people who comment at yanko haven’t become a bit more positive about the concepts on here. i got pretty soul destroyed after putting my toaster on here a while back. this kind of criticism isn’t contructive, it’s just hurtful.

    and what’s this about an apple computer not being anything without it’s badge? what?

  • Kidder says:

    If a production model were ever to manufactured, it would be ludicrously expensive. Touch screen technology is still in it’s infancy and like one poster said, only has applications on small screens for your average consumer. COompacting all the hardware into a slim case like that would severely limit the performance capabilities of the PC (heat dissipation is a major issue, especially since it appears there are no air outlets).

    If you think about it, moving a mouse cursor requires a lot less movement than physically touching a screen to select things. Add to the fact that if you had a large touch-screen in front of you (say 22 inch widescreen), you would have to sit close enough to touch it easily (without having to keep your arms stretched out) and as a result your vision will only be able to focus on a much smaller portion of the screen than you would usually do if you were using a standard mouse and keyboard setup.

    The concept just seems a little lazy and hacknied… It’s like the designer took the flavours of the month (touch-screen, Apple, environmentally friendly products etc.)and mashed them together.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      But you have to agree that a touch screen like this can be very useful for projecting, drawing, etc.

  • powers says:

    Apple is an innovation company. Putting solar panels on the back of an iMac/transformer is not innovative.

  • says says:

    i’m confused about the whole idea.
    How does the solar panel receive UV rays when the screen is positioned at a comfortable viewing angle? After all it is”…ergonomically designed”.

    Here is a detailed sketch, of possible improvements, to maximize UV exposure.

  • Luke says:

    What the hell is it with talentless jerks slapping the Apple logo on their decidedly un-Apple-like concept work? It doesn’t make it look better. Flagrant IP theft only degrades it, if such a thing is even possible.

  • Lim says:

    I would just says, TRY HARDER BOY……

    With your presentation, it would be good if you were to persue Sales & Marketing career instead….

    • Lviz says:

      ah, lot of capital letters!
      i consider it offensive you call him “boy”.
      persue instead of pursue.
      why are you so upset?

  • Mayyen Chan says:

    Hi everybody. I have to admit that the solar panels had been originally designed because I had wanted this to be a portable desktop as well. The whole monitor would be detachable from the L stand and carried around like tablet laptop. The solar power would then had been at use when outdoors.

    I am just a humble student (I’m still learning), so I would like to thank you guys a lot for your comments because it would help me improve in my project.

    and to Lim, Fyi I am a girl =P Thanks anyway.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Still, for the panels to work, it would have to be used with them facing the sun… and the screen facing down most of the day..

    • Kidder says:

      I think in future avoid slapping any famous brand logo of any sort on your designs. Apple fanboys and haters will both pick on you and you make yourself openly vulnerable to IP problems. Don’t rely on someone else’s brand to sell your design.

      The detachable L stand isn’t a bad idea for a tablet PC, but the poorly place solar panels don’t make any sense given that they would never be facing a proper light source (unless you’re lying on your back facing upwards holding the tablet PC…). It’s a pretty redudant feature unfortunately. Personally, I think a detachable swivel stand would be better, since it does allow the option of using the tablet PC like a regular screen with maybe a wireless keyboard and mouse set up.

  • GL says:

    Some of you really need to give some more respect. How about less bashing and more suggestions? I’m sure most of you can’t even get close to a presentation like this. The design is a suggestion to a “What If” and “Why Not” to the most recognizable brand in the world today and I’m sure it grabbed a lot of peoples attention. (that’s why there’s so much bashing?).

    Constructive criticism is alright but plain bashing is just sick. There might be potential here that can be further developed.

    I think it’s quite refreshing to see a different style in an apple product. If all of us designed like apple we’ll only know how to draw boxes. So I think this is a nice approach at least.

    • Armin says:

      You may be right. I too feel sometimes that apple is too … militaristic … about it’s designs.

      Then again, I do agree with Mr. de Saint Exupery:
      “In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.”

  • felix says:


    das wäre sehr geil zum arbeiten vor allem in der creativen branche zeichen etc…

  • dustin says:

    Apple has patents for solar cells in the screen
    so this is a plausible

  • Ekove says:

    This is so unrealistic and boring. It doesn’t look that great, and what’s the point of solar panels? I don’t see myself using something that’d cost at least 5000$ outside and it’s be facing downside anyway.

    If it’s merely for recharging, then do you expect me to hang it our from my balcony?

    Also, the base makes the idea of a thin touch screen pointless, usually you wanna put a touch screen on your lap or twist it if you wanna draw on it.

    I can go on forever on how much this design sucks.


    Hola . . no se si sepas español. . .la verda estoy sorprendido por esta maravilla. . .esta poka madre este diseño. . .saludos desde Guadalajara, Mexico!!!

  • frank says:

    ok, this looks a little bit ike the startrek designs from the newer episodes……and apple definetely looks ike star trek the next generation….just look at the icons they use!! and to all these apple fanboys: i am a big apple fan but why slapping creative people for their concepts just because they are trying to add some new flavour to the apple desgn…just be happy for such an attempt!!!! so just shut up when you only wane jell on people you losers!!

  • Josh says:

    Despite all the negative comments above (most likely by fanboys) I think the design is pretty nice but unrealistic. It’s really thin…I like thin…but it’s too thin to be realistic. Touch screen tech can’t be this thin at the moment.

    Other commenters also pointed out that it’s kind of pointless to have solar panels on the side of the monitor that’s facing downwards. And, there wouldn’t be enough sunlight in a typical room to power the monitor.

    And yeah, I do think you should not use Apple’s brand name for your design as it will attract lots of fanboys.

    gl with your future designs =)

  • Koo says:

    that ..LMac is so AWESOME…
    *drools* it’s such a great idea ^^
    if they ever make anything like that..
    woww i would defintley buy it!!!

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