No Faster Way to Chop a Room Up

Presenting that which is spreading the designer room sea apart. The Nomad shall intensely and in a cute manner allow you to split your rooms apart in a way that is both efficient and colorful, easy to store, and because of the form and materials, easy to replace and increase the quantity of. Slip, connect, clip, and surprise! It is wall time.

The designers at MIO bring a nice and neat solution to all your problems:

Made from recycled, double-wall cardboard, Nomad is a modular architectural system that can be assembled into free-standing, sculptural screens, temporary partitions, rooms or even displays without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. Available in nine colors, Nomad can be arranged into open or closed configurations; creating private environments or light and airy dividers. The Nomad system can be configured to create entry-ways and corners, easily adjusting to any indoor space.

24 Modules / Set
Module Length: 21 in / 53 cm
Module Width: 14 in / 35.5 cm
Module Thickness: 0.1875 in / 0.5 cm
*One 24 Module Set creates a 4.5 ft x 4.5ft section with the open configuration and a 3 ft x 4.5 ft section with the closed configuration.

What comes next is patterns. Connect with companies who deal in camouflage, designer wallpaper, and graffiti techniques. Limited edition artist sets and special 1 in 100 signed nomad panels. Special metal nomad panels for those houses that have no children, animals, or any other fleshy mammals to cut their faces open on. And we’re set!

Designers: Jaime Salm and Roger Allen with MIO