This UVC light-enabled contact lens cleaning system kills 99.999% of bacteria!

Have you ever had your life flash before your eyes when you are spending the night away from home but don’t have your contact solution? Then you Google how to keep your contacts safe because you need them the next morning and you end up putting it in saltwater, praying that they don’t dry up or cause infections to your eye. Obviously, this is not safe and can be extremely harmful – even contact solution alone is not enough to kill all the microbes in your lenses, and if you’re a girl then you know there might even be specs of mascara. So how do we ensure our lenses are always clean and avoid serious infections? We use Q Egg and a reminder on our phones to pack the solution!

Q Egg is a smart contact lens case that gives you triple protection against bacteria by working with your contact solution as well as DNA-smashing UVC light to kill infection-spreading microorganisms. There are three layers of defense that are designed in the product to make the process super efficient while delivering the highest standards of cleanliness – your contact solution, UVC light, and a vibrational motor. Q Egg radiates DNA-smashing UVC light as a second layer of defense to kill infection-spreading microorganisms. The vibrational motor that recirculates the solution to rinse off any remaining particles and natural eye secretions. These powerful combinations kill 99.999% of the toughest and most stubborn pathogens commonly found responsible for contact-related eye infections. In a pandemic where the virus can spread via contact with the eyes, it is important to make sure we are keeping our contact lenses as clean as possible.

The case’s sleek design lets you disinfect your lenses on-the-go and was made to fit with the rest of your cosmetic tools. The product has controlled wavelengths and doses so it won’t fog or change the color of your contact lenses. “Q Egg needs just 30 minutes to do what your contact lens solution alone needs 4 hours to achieve,” claims the team as they talk about how this product was designed to reduce medical risks and costs. One charge cycle will keep it running for 2 weeks and you will not need to keep buying new plastic cases each month for your contacts. It is compatible with all types of contact lenses.

Designer: Q Egg

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