Digital and Analog, Perfectly in Sync for the Clock Which has Captured My Heart

OK show of hands: who is in the mood for the perfect wall-clock. One…two…ok everybody? Lets get to it: Masayoshi Suzuki of Pinto busts out the Digilog, a clock where the analog hand shows the minutes, while the digital number displayed at the top shows the hour. What else do you want? Fill up the apartment buildings, hotels, and the White House, because this is it! This is the future!

I get excited about design works. Some may say a little bit too excited. But I say: “ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS CLOCK? IT’S PERFECT!” while they wipe the spit off their faces and say “lemme just look at it-OH HOLY CRAP YOU ARE RIGHT!”

Pinto sets it straight:

A digital-analog clock. It shows hour as a digital digit and minitue as a clock
hand. It realizes both readability and silent presence.

Hour on top, hand shows minute. That’s it! Nothing else to be said! OH, besides Flava Flav. Flava Flav who should definitely endorse this clock. If there is anything to be said, it is to be said about that.

Designer: Masayoshi Suzuki [ Via: DesignBoom ]