HOT HOT HOSE! no, not Britney & Paris

Designers have been tackling radiator design alternatives almost as long as designers have been tackling radiator design alternatives. The fact is; the traditional radiator is simply not attractive and has a bit of a bad attitude (all that hissing and whining). The “Ciussai Radiator” gives a new twist in home heating. Ingenious in its simplicity, this design can be wrapped around a pole, shoved under a mattress, suspended from a nail or draped across the floor. It would not make a good party hat. I tried…owie.

Designer: Stefano Ragaini & Giorgio Di Tullio [ Via: Trendir ]


  • Cerberus says:

    The designer has obviously not worked with braided stainless sdteel lines before ! The lines build up a “memory” of the twisting and becoume extremly hard to work with. As well as every time you wanted to “adjust” the lines layout you would have to take a spanner to the connection, flood the surrounding area, wind your line how you wanted it to lay, then re attach the line at the fitting. Then you would need to bleed the system of any air ( which will be trapped at every loop) which is difficult without the propper bleed fittings ( not installed in photo) – basically not very workable at all – and not overly effective at tranfering thermal load.

  • paul sandip says:

    ek aur bhankas design…

  • Peter Kuhar says:

    Those hoses usually have a plastic inner layer. It probably wouldn’t work as a radiator.

  • Carl says:

    yes i thought this type of hose was designed to keep heat in. novel idea tho, bad exicution…

  • petarro says:

    If you ask me this looks like it’s using the same technology and material TechFlex Porsche Design created,

  • prodmod says:

    aside from engineering issues, I like its flexibility but does it really look more attractive than a simple radiator?

  • zippyflounder says:

    you guys have done me proud, keep up the good work, remind designers (all of us) that you need to do your reserch FIRST.

  • powers says:

    It does, but I think this stuff looks a bit thicker, don’t you?

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