This indoor vertical farm uses LED lights + plant pods to cultivate more sustainable lifestyles!

Reaching the midyear point of 2021, it seems clear that a lot of us could benefit from more sustainable lifestyles. More sustainable lifestyle practices, like harvesting our own vegetable garden or using reusable products instead of paper or plastic ones, surely helps the environment at large and it also gives us some more agency over the homes we cultivate. Indoor vertical farming is one approach towards a sustainable lifestyle that more and more people adopt in their everyday lives. In response to the surge in popularity over vertical farming, the Berlin-based design studio, The Subdivision, has visualized its own indoor vertical farming product called Agrilution.

Based on the 3D visualizations developed by the team at The Subdivision, Agrilution operates like most indoor vertical farming products. Nicknamed Plantcube, Agrilution forms the shape of a small refrigerator, containing two sliding shelves that host the crops and soil planters. With interior LED grow lights, the crops inside of Agrilution are nourished with as much mock sunlight as they might need to thrive. In addition to the LED grow lights, Agrilution comes with an app that helps users control the caretaking of their plants.

The app uses smart technology in conjunction with vertical farming techniques by indicating to users when their vertical garden might need more water or soil replenishment. Following today’s smart farming and gardening wave, Agrilution turns farming into an accessible and simpler task for those living in smaller spaces who would still like to develop sustainable lifestyle practices.

Regarding style, Agrilution consists of sleek minimalist and stark black, New Aesthetic design elements. The simple appearance of Agrilution grants it inconspicuous access to most interior living spaces, but its sophisticated black-and-white color scheme gives it a refined touch and flair of elegance. With more and more people adopting eco-friendly lifestyles, products like Agrilution invite sustainability through the front door.

Designer: The Subdivision

Inconspicuous by design, Agrilution can fit into most living spaces to indoor farming is always accessible.

Built with two sliding shelves, Agrilution has enough room to keep plenty of crops for gardening and harvesting.

The glazed glass door of Agrilution allows users to view the progress of their crops at all times.

Interior LED grow lights line the inside of Agrilution to always keep the plants inside nourished with mock sunlight.

Agrilution is built like a mini-fridge with everything from optic white, plastic interiors to a soft-close suctioned front door.

Each sliding shelf of Agrilution is dotted with soil plant cubes that host the seeds for plants and crops.

Comprising the same area that a miniature refrigerator might, Agrilution doesn’t take up too much space.

Connected to an app, users can monitor and take care of their plants all from their smartphone.