Wanna Eat Food off my Naked Body?

Bodylicious is inspired by Nyotaimori, a rather controversial Japanese tradition which consists of presenting Sushi on a naked woman, using her body as a tray. This was a highly appreciated act often experienced at luxurious parties and other social events. Conversely, when presenting Sushi (Sashimi) on the naked body of a man, it’s called Nantaimori. I’m not a huge fan of eating raw fish and I honestly can’t say eating it off a naked person is going to change that. Meh, to each his own.

Bodylicious transforms this concept into a plate. With both feminine and masculine designs; 3 pieces each made of ceramic. These body-plates are perfect for serving sushi, desserts, fruits and other culinary delights taking advantage of the smooth and curvaceous lines of the human body to create an elegant food arrangement.

The 6 designs formed by the 3 parts of the male and female body are available in white and black matte. The plates are sold individually and can be artistically combined with each another, say a hermaphrodite version.

Designer: Hiroshi Tsunoda