This charming tiny cylinder can turn anything into a lovely Ikebana vase

Flower vases are not an uncommon product in interior spaces, but the majority of them are designed for a single style of flower arrangement. This style often involves a handful of flowers surrounded by rich foliage that create an almost bulbous shape, bringing a splash of color to any area. Of course, that isn’t the only way to arrange flowers, but the standard shape and size of vases put a heavier emphasis on the flowers themselves, using leaves as a background and their stems as invisible scaffolding. Sometimes, however, you can have an even more striking presence with just a single flower and a stem with just a few small branches, and this small metal vase provides not only the support but also the flexibility to embrace that minimalist design, using whatever you may have as the base for such an enchanting floral arrangement.

Designer: W DESIGN for Takeda Design Project

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The Japanese Ikebana style of arranging flowers is almost a stark contrast to what most see on vases. Where typical arrangements bundle a bunch of flowers that are mostly in full bloom, Ikebana might sometimes present a bud that slowly opens up over time, much to the viewer’s delight. Just like with many Japanese designs and philosophies, every aspect of the flower comes from a thoughtful decision, including the length of the stem, the cuts made, or the number of pieces used. A regular tall vase that hides those intentional details, however, isn’t cut for such an arrangement, which is where the HANAKUBARI vase comes in.

Named after the Japanese words for “flower” and “twig,” this small metal barrel looks nothing like a vase. Its size can hold just enough water to keep the flower alive, and its short stature means that it will only cover up a few centimeters of the stems, putting the focus on the minimalist arrangement rather than calling attention to itself. Despite its small size, however, it won’t topple over because the center of gravity is maintained by the main body’s 197g weight. There’s also a small 10g adapter that fits inside, allowing the vase to hold thinner stems.

This cute flower vase, however, isn’t meant to stand alone, although it can definitely function that way. Thanks to that diminutive size, you can place the vase on top of or inside anything, turning that thing into an Ikebana vase. You can, for example, put it on a ceramic plate with an oriental design or place it on top of a metal dish to complement the vase’s stainless steel body. You can even place it inside a transparent plastic or glass container to add some visual accent without detracting from the stem’s natural beauty.

Most flower arrangements are made to dazzle and excite, and their large vases are designed to support their weight and even embellish the image. This tiny yet elegant stainless steel vase, in contrast, encourages a more thoughtful, almost meditative, way to make a delightful arrangement, allowing even a singular flower and its stem to enchant the beholder with its natural beauty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31.50 $35 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!