Cup of Java Script

Technology and scaled down computers are finding their ways into more and more ubiquitous items in our lives. From RFID clothing tags and eBooks (Kindle) to running monitors (Nike/iPod) and even cars that respond to your voice (Ford Sync). Why not get a daily does of information stimulation while you have your morning brew? That’s what the designers of “The Cup” have in mind. They envision a cup that literally pours information in waves of holographic images for your daily consumption. Have a big creative meeting? Then spill your thoughts onto the conference table. Found a lot of racy pictures of your girlfriend on the internet? Then pour your finds all over her head and let her know your a just a little annoyed.

Designer: Hyuh-Jin Lee & Hyeroung Choen


  • jas says:

    Um… Why would this be useful?
    At least its not called the iCup

  • nc26 says:

    To me, this seems kinda useless, and…whats the point of this again?

  • p says:

    interesting concept, but i feel like the idea is much stronger and more relevant than the form it was expressed through. And it won’t fit easily into my messenger bag or briefcase. I like the coffee cup motif, but Perhaps it doesn’t have to be as direct.

    • p says:

      but yes, you are a saint for not calling it the iCup. Society thanks you, not only because it distinguishes your product from a mac gadget but because I don’t know if the user could handle the boardroom snickers and jeers from a generation who grew up saying “I see you pee” in elementary school.

  • MadameO says:

    Collecting information via “pilling up”? – Looks like these people need to work on simple proofreading skills before they start jiggering around with technology.

  • carl says:

    Does this use the same technology as Aladdin’s lamp?

    As much as I would like to see billions spend on holographic technology, perhaps a simple wi-fi might suffice, then dare I say it design could be used to help starvation, drought and world poverty?

  • koffie says:

    Wonder what were they smoking when they came up with this idea?

  • TH says:

    Why would you collect information by piling cups, if you then share information by pouring? Two different gestures for the same thing?

    As I said before regarding something similar, the pouring gesture is something we understand readily, and one and as such could be easily adopted for sharing files between phones/PDA. Using similar, everyday gestures to operate these devices (instead of navigating through the increasingly complicated menus) will be the way forward. Pushing the analogy of these “analogue operations” to the shape of device is taking it a step too far, IMO.

  • Lim says:

    Hahaha…While you all tak about design, by the time the technology able to reach to this extend, i dont think A CUP will the the required job.

    Lol imagine future Apple tech steve job goin around with a CUP….. Hahaha….

  • Nate Nead says:

    I like. Yeah, it makes me think someone was on something when it was created.

  • phi says:

    ah yes… ehh no.. is the information projected into my coffee??

    do you think when this technology is ready for the market, usb still exists or will eveything be wireless.. and why should i stack the cups to collect infomation?
    maybe i dont understand this concept but i think its completely useless… and by the way: have a look at the reflections on the table 😉

  • p says:

    you know what though, i didn’t notice this until now, but those three little holes near the lip of the cup (speakers i guess) as well as the tiny text remind me of the little string of bubbles that accumulates alongside the cup wall. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it’s a very nice touch, i never would have thought of that.

  • Chris says:

    I don’t understand why so many of the comments here are so negative. To me it doesn’t matter that the inventors have used an unusual format to present their ideas. What’s important here is that they are getting into holographic technology and developing it. To be honest, I’m still trying to decide if this article is legitimate and not a hoax. Has someone from Yanko actually seen this or has it been verified from a reliable source as it is really pretty amazing – in spite of coming in the form of a cup!

  • gda69 says:

    If APPLE would have come out with this, people would be standing in line to get them. The concept of holographics is great, but the cup idea needs to be rethought.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    imagine freely

  • lolly says:

    how much is it?
    & how can i buy!!!

  • Will says:

    One issue I would see is waking up in the moring groggy and accidently pouring coffee into your computer…or is this ment for actual coffee drinking too in that case “I can’t give you this file because I need to drink my coffee”? Still a great idea and I think I would feel really good sharing data in this way. Somehow seems more…I don’t know…maybe intimate is the word than a simple email or something.

  • goong says:


  • Steph says:

    I think the concept is great. What needs more thought is the actual aesthetic – it’s too literal. How can humans perceive this as a new form of technology when it embodies the look of a usual cup. I foresee actual coffee or tea being poured onto this. Also, why use USB when there are many other ways of transferring information. USB’s are already on it’s way out – Maybe a redesign? Great concept though – just needs a bit of tweaking.

    Steph 🙂

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is a visual design, the point here is sharing communal knowlege. And as for actual coffee spilling, I would suppose this was at least somewhat waterproof, just in case.

  • alain says:

    so, i need buy a the cup, from distribuit here in colombia, you can tellme how much cost it?

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