Loop Concept is all Solar Panels and Touchscreen Windows

Loop explores the relationships between the present and the future. Loop is Peugeot’s green thinking for tomorrow’s megatropolis. It signifies the use of green thinking – how we use our resources today determines what we will receive in return in the future.

The roof spreads along the entire length of the body maximizing space for a solar panel which acts as a secondary power source for this family car. It also creates an interesting visual pattern. The primary energy source is a rechargeable lithium battery located at the rear of the vehicle. Materials proposed for the vehicle are eco-friendly tho the designer doesn’t specify what exactly.

A gangway feel is provided between two rows of seats. Semi-circular bags are located along this gangway. They come with customized options for storage, entertainment, interaction, etc, providing the user with greater flexibility and ease of use.

Space is also provided for a small indoor plant. This brings the outdoors into the interior and gives a sense of the natural surroundings beyond the gull-wing doors.

Another feature is a Hi-tech concept camera, embedded within the passenger windows. Whenever anything interesting is seen on the road, passengers touch their window to capture a snapshot.

Designer: Abhinav Dapke