This sleek ride is a Tron: Legacy bike + Batpod mashed-up into one

What do you get when the Tron Legacy’s icon bike is mashed up with the Dark Knight’s ride? This uber-cool set of two wheels is all set to glide into the future of biking. Motorheads, brace yourselves up for the Spirit gigabike which is more than worthy of The Batman’s plot!

Designer Roman Dolzhenko elevates the level of realism and balanced aesthetics for the electric motorcycle Robert Pattinson will be itching to drive in real life. While behind the camera Bruce Wayne is crafting Batmobile in his secret mancave, the idea of building a Batpod for sequels is not that bad. The Spirit fits in like the last puzzle piece in the scheme of things, Matt Reeves might be cooking up. Coming back to this handsome beast, the curvaceous body in matte black gives it the eye-popping tonal contrast and a sense of elegance honed by the overall balanced visual design.

Designer: Roman Dolzhenko

Add to the mix, those sharp headlights that give off typical Iron Man helmet vibes with the lightened-up eyes, and we’ve got a winner on our hands. The hypertrophied wheels are fat enough to take the tarmac with confidence at high speeds, and oh… did I forget to mention the razor cut alloys highlighting its mean character. The bike is no less than a trending influencer wearing those highly desirable (and of course steeply-priced) Nike sneakers. Tron: Legacy-like character drips down to the heads-up console, electric charging port, the whole front section, and the sleek taillights.

Of course, I have my insecurities about riding on the smooth seat of the motorcycle while going into a tight chicane. However, that doesn’t take away the absolute droop-worthy styling of the Spirit gigabike which I hope will be the benchmark (at least in design) for bikes coming in a decade’s time. And it does come in cool orange, dark grey and metallic silver color skins too which are equally dope.