A Twist on the Folding Bike

Unlike other folding bikes with multiple sideways hinges, this innovative concept features one simplistic rotary mechanism that makes it possible to collapse in one easy motion. Located at the center where the pedals and gears meet, the rotating joint allows the two staggered halves to move vertically, making it possible to collapse or expand even in small spaces like the subway or bus.

Designer: Chacko T Kalacehrry


  • Mario says:

    Not a good design, please look at the way bikes work again, and if you want to solve the folding/storage part of a bike do not reinvent the wheels. These mag wheels would not be comfortable or durable, your stem allows for absolutely 0° of adjustment, why not use a stock part? It seems like the designer tried to reinvent a bike from scratch without doing the research. Also how do you remove the wheels? There are not through axles or qr levers!?

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