Lights…Action Camera

I may have gotten my wording confused, but it was for a reason. We have all witnessed the excitement of seeing some pretty amazing feats on surfboards, snowboards, race bikes and the like. The thrill of watching at a safe distance, allows the spectator to enjoy the action, but unfortunately the actual Rush from being in the moment is many times kept at arm’s reach. Now we can have a Rush like no other. Designer Martin Ruegg, has invited us with his invention to experience what most of us are too scared to experience for ourselves. RUSH is a new shockproof and waterproof action camera that allows shots to be taken from an entirely new perspective. Rush can be attached by using a helmet, body band, or suction cup. The camera is triggered by the use of a clickable ring worn on the index finger and can be activated with the press of the thumb. Now, any exciting action moment can be caught anytime, anywhere.

Designer: Martin Ruegg