Serial Pop Drinks Rejoice

Hey kids, are you a serial pop drinker? Sure recycling is good but lets say for some oddball reason you collect bottles. As long as the neck is a standard size, and you collect 16 of them, you can make yourself a little stool or table. Chairs & Toys is really for children but I know a few adults that would try and pass this off next to their Herman Miller furniture.

Designer: Jinhong Lin


  • Lim says:

    No bad…. but nothing new about this…

  • chetan sorab says:

    kids would love them.

  • Noah says:

    i cant imagine this going into design

  • Eric says:

    Are you kidding me? Just when I thought people were starting to understand the amount of plastic bottles thrown away each day, someone designs something made out of more plastic that won’t help our environment one bit.

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