Three Piece Art House Rock Band

Looking like a hidden rebel alliance base on a distant planet, this cultural center in Santo Domingo, Colombia, is what I envision the real future of post-apocalyptic architecture to look like. Architect Giancarlo Mazzanti dispenses with the obtrusive and predictable rearrangements of glass, steal and concrete phallic references with this organically inspired beacon of grounded, yet ethereal modernity. Celebrating nature’s beauty and reminding us of the impermanence of most man-made structures, this design invites everyone closer without the subconscious feeling you are merely a visitor in someone else’s domain. Inside reflects all the stark minimalist ideas we come to expect from most modern art/cultural showcases, with sharp angles and the inoffensive use of white paint and pale woods.

Architect: Giancarlo Mazzanti [ Via: Plataforma Arquitectura ]