Mod-Squad Living

Parking lots are a sometime necessary blight of urban landscapes and a cheap way for landowners to generate income with minimal financial commitment. That being the case, there are more parking lots in some areas than needed and much of this real estate goes mostly unused. Enter London based Architect Tim Pyne. He has conceptualized a practical and stylish apart-hotel design for all those empty lots that is both profitable for the land owners and environmentally responsible. By creating reusable 500 sq. ft. pods that can be individually trucked in and stacked up, these modular living spaces are perfect for business travelers looking for comfortable alternatives to hotels. Exterior walls can be branded or stylized(using bus-film technology) in any decor to better fit local attitudes or sponsored initiatives. When the property owners want their land back(as a result of this urban revitalizing idea), this apart-hotel can simply be trucked into the next empty lot and start the cycle all over again, leaving nothing behind but one lingering question…where does all the poop go?

Architect: Tim Pyne


  • yana says:

    wow, great idea. too bad the bedroom is so small šŸ™

  • Rony John says:

    Are these buildings for real…??

  • aDRIANA says:

    this doesn’t really work for me. In my opinion ofcourse…it’s too small its like a place for 2 people.I woudl get bored of this in like 3 weeks. BUT! it’s not such a bad idea i mean look at the texture.

  • rose says:

    it’s so tiny and cramped that it reminds me of that basement that that guy locked up his daughter in for 20 years and had babies with.

  • martin says:

    small bedroom, not enough room to store things, just make littel bigger to be fine, but main handicap is views for those apartments which are not exterior, even so i like it

  • Rono says:

    I love it. It doesn’t look as cramped as everyone says. It has a decent amount of space for maybe 1 or 2 people.

  • shirin says:

    i like to join yanko design. i study architect in iran

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