Aston Martin designs a luxury, sustainable, private residence in New York for $10.8million!

Aston Martin is obviously known to make some of the sleekest cars ever but they are always pushing their design boundaries to create new things, things outside the automotive realm which is not something most of its competitors do. They have worked on everything like helicopters motorcycles, boats, and their most recent adventure was designing a private luxury residence in New York’s Hudson Valley. The iconic brand partnered with S3 Architecture to create the Sylvan Rock – an angular home nestled in a lush, 55-acre property that can be accessed through a picturesque 2,000 ft driveway wrapped in trees and rock walls. The home will be built using sustainable building methods, materials, and efficient systems – attending to the planet’s needs is as important as attending to a client.

The main residence’s structural shape mimics the geological rock formations found on the property. It is enveloped in blackened cedar and glass which reminds of well-crafted swords in their sheaths. The residence is spread over 5,983 sq-ft featuring four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two half baths, a custom wine cellar covered in Aston Martin’s trademark cross-hatched lattice design, a three-car gallery garage, a pool, and an 873 sq-ft pool house! All this space and you still don’t have to share it with guests, in fact, the property has a couple of multi-functional guest house pods. Even the pod architecture was designed to be flexible and easily reconfigurable so guests staying for an extended time had facilities like remote office location, business colleague retreat, home school, and a treehouse. Overall, the architectural design has been formed on the pillars of health and wellness, and to give those pillars a luxurious upgrade, it also includes a fully-equipped at-home spa as well as an agricultural garden – organic treatment for your body and mind!

“Creating a luxury residence with warm textures, bold forms, and exceptional privacy is very aligned with Aston Martin’s own vision. We wanted the owner and their guests to experience the three-dimensional feel of the house in an organic way, just like you experience one of our cars – there is no single façade that dominates,” Cathal Loughnane, Head of Aston Martin Partnerships. Sylvan Rock is the first of its kind micro compound luxury residence created by S3 Architecture and also the first private residential estate designed by Aston Martin. Do you have $10.8 million to spare?

Designer: Aston Martin and S3 Architecture