Trendy People Need This Phone

The Edge phone is designed for the style conscious fashionistas. The name has nothing to do with data speed. In fact we don’t even know what this phone is capable of because as with all fashion phones, looks rein supreme and the Edge phone makes sure you notice with its glowing glass keyboard.

To answer an incoming call, slide the glass keyboard out. An embedded LED illuminates the etched numerics via refraction creating a glowing effect. The only visible lines is the microphone wiring which designer Chris Owens has cleverly disguised as a keyboard border.

Designer: Chris Owens


  • The Kid says:

    Wow that looks amazing, i would never buy it as a main phone, maybe a secondary line…but unless it runs wm6 im not touching it!

    • charlotte. says:

      wow i really would love to buy this fone wen is it out for purchasing ??
      please email me with more information about purchasing this fone.

    • nicki says:

      love it!!!!i never have any luck with phones but ill love this one were can i get one and how much?Have u heard the phrase “if u dont ask u dont get?”Well…………..can i have one for free?hahaha xxxxxxxxxxx

  • jeffrey says:

    I need this phone. Were may I find it or is it special order. Please contact me.

    • Josh says:

      hey Jeffrey,

      the cell phone that is shown in this article is a work in progress by designer Chris Owens

      by going to and clicking on design portfolio you can find out more on this trendy phone

      also, many of the article yankodesign and works in progress or just renders of products designers come up with so, just like this phone, are not real products on the market, and may never be.

      hope this helps,

  • conceptual says:

    My girlfriend would surely love to own such a device.

  • Altus says:

    That’s nice industrial design. Hardware innovation!

  • Newdanistan says:

    I like this phone. My current phone is for calls and texting. I use a computer for internet access and I take pictures with my camera. Anytime phones get packed with a multitude of features, it reminds me of a Swiss Army knife: it can perform a multitude of features, none of them really well. I just want a phone whose main purpose (calling) isn’t diluded by unecessary junk. And the fact that this phone is nice to look at doesn’t hurt either.

  • Cryptoknight says:

    I’d cry if I ever saw one of these babies get dropped, whether or not it was mine.

  • Ferrdidly says:

    looks very nice… i drop too many phones though. if its not outrageously priced, it’d be a good lil’ product

  • Michai says:

    Cool design, they need to make the keypad area a mini wacom to allow for more functionality if they wanted to extend its potential features.

  • Willyolio says:

    finally. a phone that’s just a phone, and yet isn’t butt-ugly.

    too bad it’ll never be made…

  • rayelle says:

    it looks like it would break easily, so probably not for me. but as a fashion item it is very stylish.

  • Sep says:

    где его можно купить???

  • Gnicky says:

    where is the *?

  • Neo says:

    This could be the nxt chocolate… I’d call it the crystal 🙂
    Forget edge without edges….
    The Crystal YES!!!!

  • jak says:

    this phone is well kwl i so need one !!!

  • jack says:

    this ohone is so kwl ! i well want one . is nicer than the parda phone

  • H.K says:

    omg this fone is great i want one! i love the colour black email me information about it I love it!

  • Connor says:

    love it 😀 where/when could i get one 🙂

  • s.b says:

    this phone is sooo wow i would love to have it. please e-mail me where and when can i buy it.

  • Villy says:

    Nice phone its very hard to find a phone which i really wants these days. If this phone comes outs its a must buy.

  • llilola says:

    i like it at the first sight,but i would not buy it ,

  • Lahla says:

    Omgg that is so cool! it looks like it would break easily though. But i want it anyways! ha. how much will it be if it ever comes out??

  • Kei says:

    I need this phone. is it comming out someday? please e-mail me.

  • badkarma says:

    forget the phone, i want the girl making the incoming call

  • Ronaldo says:

    THIS IS A BEST!!!!!!! Gratz to Dsigners and engeneers!

    But, this telephone come to Brazil?

  • DD says:

    Hi am interested in The Edge phone – is it available or can it purchased over the net.

  • joo says:


  • meg wooding says:

    hi i reaaly love this phone do you no wen its comin out in the uk? email me back asap and were from can i prchase it

  • Rebekah says:

    erm i woz wandering wen the phone come out?
    Where wud it be sold?
    How mucis it gon 2 be sold at?
    Please i am 13 and my dad died lat month.
    i wud like a nice fashionable phone but i have no money.

  • jamielee says:

    cool where can i get it email me to tell me

  • mary says:

    can you email me some more information? tks

  • paul b says:

    where can i buy this phone from?????

  • dess says:

    Wow, this is really cool! I would love to have this…

  • Amy says:

    I want this phone! please let me know asap when and where i can purchase this phone.

  • alex says:

    where do u get these phones at???

  • alex says:

    i need to know..

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