This LED display communicates the car-driver’s actions to help reduce road-rage

There’s something about the roads that makes people behave differently. Even the calmest of people can exhibit absolute rage when driving on the road, and the psychology of road rage has a lot to do with the lack of communication. When intent isn’t clear, it makes for a rather stressful situation, so the next time you’re cut off, know that the sudden burst of anger is normal, and in any other social situation, you probably wouldn’t be as violently temperamental.

RoadWayve aims at removing road-related rage by fostering communication. The minute a driver makes their intent known, or even apologizes for something they may have done, it goes a long way in diffusing a potential road-rage situation where people yell obscenities or repeatedly honk their horns in disapproval. The RoadWayve LED screen helps communicate that intent.

Designed to mount on the rear windshield of your car and powered either via the RoadWayve remote (that sits on your dashboard), Wayvemote, or your smartphone, RoadWayve can communicate messages to drivers around you. May it be: asking to merge into their lane, or apologizing for cutting them off. You can also thank drivers for letting you overtake them, or ask them to turn down their high-beam headlights, and the RoadWayve app even lets you add custom messages (works best for situation-specific messages or messages in local languages).

RoadWayve uses an LED matrix that provides high visibility of up to 50 feet, and a viewing angle of 120°, while consuming negligible battery power. It relies on Bluetooth 5.0 that provides high range and zero latency, allowing the LED screen to instantly communicate messages in all sorts of cars, be it a hatchback or an SUV… perhaps even a limo. Mounting RoadWayve is as simple as attaching it to a your rear windshield via two suction-cups, and the display and remote can be used right out of the box. Its simple UI lets you use the RoadWayve without being distracted from driving (you can even cue commands using your voice), and helps create a line of communication between drivers, turning road rage into road respect!

Designers: John Stanley, Nina Stanley, Harsha Venna & Harshit Aggarwal

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 (35% off).

About RoadWayve

RoadWayve helps drivers communicate with familiar words and phrases! Built around a bright, pixel-dense LED display, RoadWayve produces high-resolution messages that are visible to other drivers up to 50 feet away – and through most weather conditions.

Mount on any window in your car, at any angle!

Below: How It Works

Why RoadWayve

Communication on the road is inadequate. Drivers are limited to communication with hand gestures, honking, or shouting. RoadWayve is going to change that. For example “I’m Sorry”, can instantly diffuse a tense situation and potentially reduce road-rage.

Wayvemote Remote Control

Intention Made Intuitive

Display messages without taking your eyes off the road. Wayvemote is pre-programmed with six messages so you can share what’s on your mind with the touch of a button. Messages include common driving phrases and an option you can customize. The remote has a magnetic mount to attach anywhere in your car, and is easily charged with the same micro-USB cable provided with the display.

RoadWayve Mobile App

Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone App

Inspired by Wayvemote, the app’s distinct and user-friendly interface allows you to exchange customized messages with other drivers. Just connect your smartphone (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth to the app, select the voice control option and share your specific thoughts with a driver who let you in their lane (or one who cut you off)!

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 (35% off).