Window To The World

Some technology concepts just make sense the second you see them. This concept tablet ultra-connected device by Tokyo resident Mac Funamizu, has me wishing for tomorrow today. Though he has not named it as of yet, I will drink the potion and call it “The Looking Glass.” The idea is simple, by incorporating a camera/scanner, GPS and internet connectivity, the world is literally at your finger tips. Just frame anything you desire behind the glass window, from a building, to a car or piece of art and the image will be analyzed and searched on any number of sites like wikipedia, google or google earth. Want to know about a word in a book or magazine? Simply frame it up and touch the word. Instant access to any number of learning aids eg. dictionary, thesaurus or reference databases will have you clued in in seconds.
Check out how the designer uses it to identify a particular floor of a building by simply clicking on it. Frame up a restaurant and get its menu or make a reservation… seriously folks, this idea has so many legs it needs to be fast tracked asap.

Designer: Mac Funamizu