Future Control

Discovering tangible patterns and predicting future outcomes based on it has always enticed the collective imagination of humanity. From mapping of celestial movements to the weatherman’s forecast, this fascination for predicting the future has helped civilizations to make sense of the macro system that they are part of. The ‘Predictables’ project aims to bring this forecasting to a personal level.

It largely consists of two parts. The first part constitutes an app that scours for the digital data an individual and his social circle produces. This app then connects the dots to make sensible patterns and intelligently proposes future outcomes. The second part consists of systems that interfaces with the individual. The interaction with the individual is made possible using intuitive interfaces projected on a variety of surfaces using a smart watch or a desktop pico projector.

The complex analysis algorithm promises to bring prediction into a wide variety of areas in personal life including career, love and friendships. I would willingly part with my entire savings for it if I could get accurate predictions about my Gf’s mood swings. 🙂

Designer : Dor Tal

Guest Post by Akhil T.


  • KKD says:

    Saw iPhone and switched off. Anyone using iPhones for future based products clearly has no idea of the market

  • Stuart says:

    KKD that is the stupidest comment, why did you even bother to write such a ridiculous comment like that? Firstly the only input the iPhone has in the video is demonstrating somebody texting the device so they aren’t even suggesting that their product is based around that and secondly iPhones dominated 45% of the market last year and continue to do so in 2014, so just because you hate iPhones doesn’t mean that they aren’t a successful product that will continue to be successful in the future. So stop being a dick.

    I was quite impressed with the idea really liked the projection onto the hand, really cool especially with all the wearable technology that is emerging at the moment is nice to see a twist on the idea of a wearable smart watch/bracelet device

  • lolol says:

    45% Android had the other 55 😉

  • Good Pickney says:

    This is perhaps the most interesting thing you will see today. No, it has nothing to do with this article, but I promise you’ve never seen Sunglasses like these.

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