Emergency Response Unit

Since the 2004 Asia tsunami, there has been a glut of designs and competitions aimed at better aid distribution in crisis zones. Most are unremarkable and not particularly well developed solutions. The ‘Bedu’ Emergency Rapid Response by Toby McInnes is a breath of functional air. It is designed to fit within the current logistical framework and features just about everything you could possibly need. All rolled up neatly in a barrel. If only it assembled itself.

Designer: Toby McInnes


  • leewin12 says:

    Could you show larger image?
    I can’t read what it provide.

  • cati says:

    It reminds me the clever Inflatable Concrete, Flexible long-term shelters for disaster relief by Peter Brewin and William Crawford at RCA.
    Info: http://architectradure.blogspot.com/2005/10/mobile-homes-for-emergency-needs.html

  • Jon Rac says:

    With a very little bit of modification they could market this unit to ParrotHeads around the world even possibly sell it through Margaritaville.com

    This could be the Protable Land Shark Escape and ultimate TailGating Destination!

  • Four12 says:

    Definitely not something for a true “emergency” kit, more of a disaster relief kit. A very novel idea but it would probably be cost prohibitive to make and maintain; you can’t easily take it apart every year for inspection and replenishment.

    Imagine trying to set this up in the middle of the night with high winds and rain when you’re hypothermic and bleeding…

  • Claystil says:

    the tent seems likely to succumb to the slightest breeze. it seems to be of a wholly impractical design. though it should work fine so long as the relevant crisis is wind free.

  • Valarmmorghulis says:

    anyone here think these relief kits are cost prohibative? i’m not talking about it being too expensive to help those who could use something like this, but for those who DO the helping to have the on-hand and ready to go. other than that i think these are a fantastic idea. i’m not sure if these will contain everything in each barrel or if the will be a 1/2, 2/2 type of kit thing, but there is a huge potential for these things to be air-dropable so that those who need them can use them where they are rather than trekking to an actual relief site.

  • Shalin says:

    Clever, clever design! Imagine a quick response air drop of a bunch of these next to populated areas that are hit by natural disasters!

    Aerospace Engineer
    former firefighter and constant public safety minder

    • mo says:

      how many of those would you need for one oversized town of 100.000.
      how many c-130s or c-17s to airdrop them?

  • mike says:

    What? No Zombie defense weapons? What about a high speed internet connection? Or at least a charger for my Blackberry/celphone?

  • Lavallee017 says:

    DO WANT for recreation and basically because this is a way advanced and more useful version of socks in a can. Although I dont see how this would help refugees any more than one huge Hardigg case with all of these items air dropped to their location.

    camping adventure in a barre

  • HDC says:

    I would buy one as well. Here in earthquake country this makes for a perfect, all in one emergency kit everyone should have. It would stack very neatly with the emergency water supply drums.

  • Buran says:

    I was going to send this to my bf, who lives in Florida (hurricanes are a hazard, even though he is not in a flood zone). But it’s only a concept. Argh.

  • TheDeotch says:


  • markus baur says:

    speaking from a logistics point of view:

    volumeterically a square shape would be better … the barrel shape wastes a lot of space in the shipping container (almost 20% of the total volume – that mrans you can get 20% more units into the same container .. which would save a lot shipping costs ..

    • Cabdal says:

      yes a square shape would be easy to store but it could not be rolled, i wonder what the weight of one of these is

    • rachael says:

      cylinders also hold weight from any angle much better than a cube can…when traveling a long distance, I’m sure this is a valid concern.

  • Ssonicblue says:

    Man, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

    And for those of you that get the above joke, I’d love to go camping with one of these things.

  • good effort very useful kindly provide technical detail & literature
    Ambuj Agarwal

  • TREMELET says:


    Ce concept est trés interressant et trés opérationnel dans les situations post catastrophe de grande ampleur.

    Ce dispositif est il distribué? Où?


    David TREMELET
    Président du Conseil d’Administration
    Service d’Analyse Mobile d’Urgence de l’environnement

  • jan says:

    Hi everybody ;

    i’m currently doing a master degree in design and marketing. I am already mechanical engineer, and would like to use my knowledge (that I’m currently learning…) for humanitarian aim.

    do anybody think it can be my main job later? can it “feed” me? i mean, i know i will not earn money like in luxury, or even cars…but, do you think, or know, that jobs exist in NGO?

    thanks, i will appreciate a lot your answer.

    and Toby, very interesting study!

    Best regards.


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