Social Adaption Seating

So you spent a near fortune on a perfect sofa and coffee table for that great party you are going to throw, but true to human nature, most of your guest will invariably end up in or around the kitchen. They are, after all, only human and adapting to the fact that all the booze and grub is flowing from the kitchen area. It was this adaptive nature in all of us that inspired this social seating design by Tab Turnmire. Let’s face it, when socializing people will sit on almost anything. So designing a seating area that can adapt from table top to seat was a stroke of near genius. Perfect for any lobby or coffee shop layout, these seats/tables/seats easily make sense…how ever you look at it.

Designer: Tab Turnmire


  • Bushido says:

    This is really one of the most bad designed things, that I ever saw! This ugly THING is sad and not even poetic, if you would interprete it as social critics.
    The people are all sitting with their backs together. They would not get into communicating!
    This THING you cannot call “social seating”!
    It has nothing to do with socializing!

    • Jim says:

      I agree. Just looking at it reminds me of a sad railway station or government building waiting room. In the arrangement shown (and I can’t imagine any other sensible arrangement, given the shape), the seats face away from each other. It should be called “Antisocial Adaption Seating”.

  • Peekart says:

    I really like the design, this would be good in a non-personal setting ie, airports/waiting rooms/ etc. I’ve an idea to personaliize this for a “community” setting. Why don’t you shape the tables like puzzle pieces. They would interlock to form a ring of seating. Example the left table would be “male” the right “female” You could connect as many as you llike according the the floor space. Just an idea.

  • xXblahXx says:

    lovely! i would like to have this in my family room! 😀

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    No. I won’t sit on it, unless you pay me to sit, or I’ve been standing for hours and about co collapse with no other alternate other than this thing. It looks like a DMV seat with a bad attitude.

  • it`s great idea i like it

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