Portable stool is made from electronic packaging waste

There are a lot of product developers and designers who love to experiment with ideas for things that we sometimes take for granted. Good thing there are people like them who like to think about ways to improve these functional products. There are also those who think more about the materials used to create such products, especially materials that will lessen our carbon footprint. Chairs and stools are some of those things we don’t really think about innovating but there are still some ways to come up with better designed ones.

Designer: Razeen Mohammed

The EDGAR Stool is a concept for a portable stool born from the idea of creating something functional but also using the least amount of resources in terms of the material used for it, the energy needed to create it, and even the cost that you have to spend. In fact, in terms of prototyping this concept, they only spent around $0.29 in making one of these stools.

The reason for such a low cost is that the stool is made from waste from the packaging of electronic appliances and adhesives. The former is one of the biggest waste issues that we have now as the production of electronic appliances seem to be increasing. Therefore the waste has also been considerable. They were able to conceptualize a two legged stool from these waste materials and it seems to be light enough that you can carry it around.

However, from the product renders and photos, I don’t know how stable it is or how it can hold up a fully grown person. It might be able to fit a child or a really thin and small person but those with considerable weight might think twice about sitting on it. It also doesn’t seem all that comfortable especially if you have a pretty round derriere. But props to the designer for coming up with something that can utilize packaging for electronic appliances.