A portable wireless lamp that does the job of 5 in 1

Light designs always fascinate me because while each of them does light up the room, they do it in such unique ways. Float is a cute battery-powered lamp that was designed to mimic the ambient restaurant light anywhere you want – you know the one where they put candles in a bottle or have the dim stand-alone lamps? Italian brand Axolight gave Float life and that is when people saw how ‘lit’ this product truly was!

Float is a versatile light because it can be placed on the table, used as a lamp, fixed on a wall, or even hang as a pendant depending on your needs. It was made to be adaptable to any space and also be moved around easily when required. Float’s minimal shape and form let it blend in both indoor and outdoor spaces be at home or in a restaurant patio. You can also place it on top of an empty bottle and have your own pretend-restaurant. Float floats on any base you want and comes with a 5-step touch dimmer that lets you adjust the lighting to your mood. The battery lasts for 9 hours so you can use this light wirelessly as well.

It comes in five different colors and it works well for any demographic or industry – put it up in your child’s room or your dining table and it will still look good! The multifunctional, portable, indoor-outdoor lamp makes it easier for you to style your space without spending hours browsing through lamps and never being able to pick one that ‘goes with everything’. Since it is rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about keeping an extra stock of lightbulbs either. This lamp is the silver ‘lighting’ of 2020 and a part of the flexible furniture world that we love.

Designer: Mario Alessiani for Axolight