Screaming Speakers

The Soundmasters speakers are LOUD in both aesthetic and functionality! The cabinet resembles a screaming face with the speaker as the mouth and air vents as the eyes. A multi-angular body creates a unique look that makes each unit appear to sink into the desk and also allows sound to be pointed in different directions.

Designer: Akhil Thampuran


  • Brad says:

    Shouldn’t the “eyes” be on top?

  • sarah says:

    love it..i want one..

  • John rodriguez says:

    @brad – dude it ain’t no sculpture and design inspirations need not be anatomically perfect….all that matters is getting the cues out of a certain inspiration

  • David says:

    Where can I buy these speakers?

  • rocco says:

    great colours, great form….This is cool.where can i get it?

  • interio says:

    Fabulous.A classy addition to a classy room.

  • daniela says: meets its match….

  • Ray Hubert says:

    minimal, classy and seductive. A good example of modern design.

  • Swapan says:

    Good work.

  • roobaroo says:

    Wise use of contrast and cool form.

  • alex says:

    Why didnt i think of this!!

  • 1love says:


  • meh says:

    There is a very good reason for high-end speakers being quite round: every sharp corner is going to act as a sort of secondary speaker, creating uneven frequency response depending on listener’s position. Imagine having to sit in a very specific point in a room to listen to these without clear tonal differences.

    Nice renders as always, but not a practical design.

  • Freeman says:

    I wouldn’t agree to the above comment. Did the commentor miss all the boxy shaped small and large speakers out there? This would work fine.

  • James says:

    Do these speakers actually exist or is this just a 3D mockup of the designers idea? If they do exist please tell me how i can get them.

  • Hunter says:

    What does it play? I don’t see any cords and the description doesn’t say that it’s Bluetooth or WiFi-ready.

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