Roomba Watch Out

There are some new bots called OSP on the drawing board. Using advance robotics, these guys autonomously work together to contain an oil spill by surrounding it with an inflatable barrier. Once contained, clean-up crews can jump in and suck the oil out. After reading this, my Roomba just quit.

Designer: Ji-hoon Kim

With the help of its simple and modular structure, OSP unit can be transported to the accident site rapidly and commence its mission immediately. Like a torpedo and mine operation in navy, OSP can be deployed from a helicopter or boat and accomplish its mission through the multi-robot control algorithms.


  • ripfire4 says:

    See. Robots are good for something: tedious manual labor.

  • Yeebles says:

    the thing is I bet everyone her can’t wait for the next oil spill to see these guys do there stuff.

  • DeadWriter says:

    These robots are slick!

  • Manve says:

    this is truly awesome.what?this is just a concept and we wont see it until..well, ever?damn.give me a hand here optimism

  • billy says:

    looks expensive. why not spend the time and money on stopping it happening in the freaking first place!

  • Christine says:

    I think this is an interesting concept but very far fetched. I don’t see it happening for many reasons.

  • I think we could also use this to collect ALL the PLASTIC in the PACIFIC Ocean! This is a land mass HALF the size of the continental USA! :/

    – Arturo.

  • Jason L. says:

    Well, I like the color of the contraption…

  • Nacon says:

    Perfect idea! and finally! some creative idea too!

  • chekbazarette says:

    proverka bazy! proverka bazi budet ohuevat’, ya otvechayu

  • Travis says:

    How does it propel itself and keep the oil contained? The standard propellers shown need to displace water to work.

  • csven says:

    Considering it’s really just a concept, I wish it had gone much, much further (and didn’t look so clumsy; aquatic forms are elegantly sculpted; not geometric).

    Of potential interest: I used this exact same scenario as an example for a “kirkyan” device (someone added that concept to Wikipedia but, like “spime”, it was deleted; I’ve archived that page here – ). However, beyond not having a transreality component, it has another issue (but as I’ve been working on this idea myself, I won’t explain). Thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

  • Jimmy C says:


  • Jimmy C says:


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