Paper Scale

This was bound to happen but Duck Image Studio is the first (that we know of) to apply paper electronic technology to a scale. The ultra thin flexible scale combines a pressure sensing sheet that relays information to an e-paper display. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and can be rolled up for storage.

In this particular example the technology is kept small in the form of a traditional scale but imagine a large bath mat or even floor tiles. Of course I’m not sure I’d want to know how much I weighed every time I stepped into the bathroom. This thing will only further solidify Americans are overweight and dammit I’m not ready to deal with my weight issues. Now excuse me while I eat my morning cinnamon bun.

Designer: Duck Image Studio


  • Git Em Steve Dave says:

    Is it wrong I have weighted myself before using the bathroom, and then right after? I always wonder if those futuristic Japan Toilets do that. I know I read that some of them sample your fluids for analysis. I can see problems with this scale in the fact that bathroom floors aren’t always clean, and could lead to rippage.

  • Aec007 says:

    It can’t be practical because it would have to rely on strain gauges to measure weight.
    You would need a minimum of 3 SG’s, possibly more or a cantilever mechanical design to balance the load to measure. (Think of the glass scales)

    On an even thinner design, the floor would play a crucial role in getting the right measurement….

    • Ideaman2020 says:


      I remember being surprised at the reading when I once accidentally weighed myself on a carpeted floor [using a regular electronic scale]…

  • Bokusastu_Tenshi says:

    Would be nice if practical.
    I mean, the typical winter scene is you going half-asleep in the morning to your bathroom, kicking that freaking heavy cold metal scale with your little toe.

  • AG says:

    Think about a Wacom tablet. This is not revolutionary, just boring. Yawn.

  • Ferment78 says:

    When it comes to scales….the bigger….the better.

  • qualiritisiamo says:

    hello!! please i need your help! for my thesis i must buy this bailce!! where I can find it? thank you

  • Hi, where can I get the contact information of the product designer? Thank you.

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