Life Through Lighting

The inspiration behind The Cell Project is one of much deeper meaning than a simple light fixture to hang on the wall. The two designs featured in The Cell Project are created to form three dimensional patterns through the repetition of the components that make up the fixtures. What starts as a simple object, builds upon itself to create a new multi dimensional form. The designer reaches his goal of creating life and personality from basic and raw materials.

Clam is a pendent light that consist of 12 independent light sources formed from 36 pieces of polished aluminum steel. This light creates a feeling of tranquility and breathes life into a room with just the right amount of light. It measures 500 mm diameter.

The second light, Spore, is also a pendent light, yet contains only one light source. The light radiates out from the “spores” into the room allowing for a mesmerizing ambience for any type of mood. The Spore is made up of 72 frosted aluminum pieces and is 650 mm in diameter.

Designer: John Wischhusen [ Via: Mocoloco ]