This sleek self-heating bento box looks like something Apple would create

If Steve Jobs were less of a tech enthusiast and more of a culinary specialist, maybe we’d be staring at a state-of-the-art culinary heating device instead of the M2 MacBook Air. Although that reality didn’t quite pan out, we still have the MEALZTIME, an incredibly slim, self-heating bento box that’s leak-proof, easy to clean, and works on a single-button interface.

Designer: Jimmy Fung

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MEALZTIME hopes to make the office microwave obsolete. Given the sheer number of people who use the microwave on a daily basis (and that occasional dimwit who heats up their tuna casserole in it, ruining it for everyone), MEALZTIME was designed as a personalized alternative that heats your food up to the right temperature for you, without you having to wait in line. All you do is press the power button on your bento box and MEALZTIME gets to work, automatically shutting down after your food’s been heated. It does so without needing to be plugged in too, so you could potentially grab a hot meal on the subway, in your car, in the outdoors, or even at work during a power cut.

One-Touch Heating

Armed with a 10,000 mAh battery, MEALZTIME lets you heat up to 4 meals on a single charge, so you really have to juice it up just about once or twice a week. Its thermal system provides a uniform heating experience, bringing the contents of your lunchbox up to a warm and toasty 149°F – heating your meals quickly without destroying the nutritional structures or flavors of the ingredients, and without burning the roof of your mouth. Unlike other self-heating boxes, MEALZTIME doesn’t use water either, making the overall process less messy.

Each MEALZTIME comes with a 900ml capacity, making it perfect for one healthy meal portion. The container is covered by a leakproof lid that ensures gravies, sauces, or oils don’t spill out, and just to prevent steam buildup, the lid also comes with a steam vent that relieves pressure inside your lunchbox. The MEALZTIME has one single open container, but can be separated by a divider that comes along with your kit, allowing you to store two types of food and add variety to your meals.

You’d think that a bento box with a heating element would be bulky and heavy but that’s where the Apple reference I made earlier comes in handy. MEALZTIME isn’t your average self-heating bento box. It weighs a paltry 784 grams (1.7 lbs) and measures 235mm in width, 144mm across, and 75mm vertically. The outer housing of the MEALZTIME is made from ABS plastic, while its inner container is made from food-grade stainless steel.

The inner container is removable, making washing up after meals really easy, or even storing leftovers in the fridge that you can pop into the MEALZTIME Heatbox and carry to work at moment’s notice. Each MEALZTIME comes with a USB-C port to charge your box, and even sports LED indicators that tell you how much juice your bento box’s battery has. For added convenience, the USB-C port has a rubber plug to ensure food doesn’t trickle into the port, and the base of the MEALZTIME is lined with 4 anti-slip feet that keep your lunchbox firmly on the table while you gobble up those delicious hot meals!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $139 (43% off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $170,000.